Thanksgiving in Las Catalinas

January 6, 2020

Thanksgiving is a holiday that isn’t nationally celebrated in Costa Rica, but fits well both with Costa Rica and Las Catalinas. Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around the idea of being grateful for what we have, and it presents a chance to step away from the busyness of modern society to slow down and connect with loved ones.

Costa Rica’s cultural concept of pura vida inspires a way of life based on taking what happens, appreciating nature and others, and being happy with life. In Las Catalinas, pura vida underpins much of the walkable, active, and healthy lifestyle that can be found in town, and a visit provides a chance to reconnect with family, take a break, and embrace the purity and simplicity of life.

A fitting place to celebrate a holiday which emphasizes many of the same values.


Thanksgiving in Las Catalinas

Most traditions around Thanksgiving center around the big dinner, drawing back to the coming together of cultures over one table that defined the first Thanksgiving in 1621. Over time, Thanksgiving weekend has become a chance for families to come together for a weekend, either at home or a shared destination, and be together at one table. It’s a chance to be grateful for loved ones, and spend some time focused on family.

Focus on the family is a major part of Thanksgiving, no matter where it happens


Things have changed quite a bit since the first Thanksgiving, but the holiday is just as relevant today. Life moves fast, and it’s easy to get swept up into a routine, so some time to connect is welcome.


Happy Thanksgiving

There’s a lot to be thankful for today in Las Catalinas. The natural world is rich and full of life, always beckoning to explore. It’s easy to be healthy here, surrounded by good food, opportunities to be balanced and mindful, and a naturally active lifestyle.

Most important is the community that has grown in town. Las Catalinas wouldn’t be what it is without the vibrant community of people who have called it home, whether they were here for a short daytime visit, decided to become homeowners, or anything in between.


Las Catalinas would not be the same without the people that call it home, whether for a short visit, a long time, or any time in between


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