BeachTown Treasure Hunt 

July 20, 2023

Family Fun in Front of Playa Danta

Let the family discover the magic of Las Catalinas Beach Town this summer break with a Treasure Hunt right in front of one of Guanacaste’s most exclusive beaches, Playa Danta. Bring us your most adventurous explorers and we’ll send them off to seek out ten of Las Catalina’s hidden landmarks with a clue map. The map can be downloaded or picked up at the Las Catalinas Sales Office. Searching for clues while surrounded by pristine nature sounds like a perfect vacation activity to us. After all, you’ll have to get out of the ocean to dry off at some point.


Safe Exploring in our Car-Free Town

We are a car-free town, so feel at ease to let the older kids roam about without worries while you enjoy. Shop in Plaza del Mercado, paddle board, or swim, or just enjoy lunch at any of the restaurants. Take in the stunning views or take in a little down time for yourself, rain or shine. Town at Las Catalinas was designed to be enjoyable and functional no matter the weather, with ample overhangs, covered balconies, and patios to lounge on.  


Something for the Whole Family

A little free time never hurts, but this outdoor scavenger hunt also makes for a perfect family activity. stunning yet simple design full of plenty of views has lots of architectural eye candy for the adults. Keep a lookout, not only are the facade of Town’s buildings designed to be beautiful, but playful. The use of deliberate small passages opening into large spaces create a powerful feeling of freedom. As you wander, enjoy design principals like compression and release in full effect with roofscapes, small corridors and connecting passages between wider streets. Break into teams to explore around the community, in your case, with the eyes of adults, and make an unforgettable afternoon out of it.


Everyone Loves a Winner

Once you and your crew have found all of the clues, and finished exploring, head over to the Las Catalinas Sales Office to share your discoveries and collect your reward. Feel free to keep enjoying the community's common spaces, and head for a hike or catch one of Costa Rica’s stunning sunsets on the beach.


Ready? Let’s do this.



BeachTown Treasure Hunt


Happy Hunting!