Discovering Something New in the Familiar at Las Catalinas

January 6, 2020

Thanks to its car-free way of living, a strong connection to nature, a naturally active lifestyle, and the friendly people that call town home, Las Catalinas can be a refreshing break from the busyness and routines of life.

In town, life is dictated more by the conditions of the ocean, the trails, and the weather than it is by the clock, and it’s a place to rediscover the freedom of two wheels and two feet. This is good for our bodies, for our minds, and for our relationships with others, and has even been shown to make days feel longer and more full.

Las Catalinas is a living and growing town. As the years pass, it will evolve and welcome new ideas, people, and beautiful new streets, homes, and neighborhoods. There are also changes present during the day to day as well, as the influences of nature and a lively community mean that town can always offer something new, even to those who live here.

The presence of nature and the lively community in town provide a refreshing variance to the day-to-day


Discovering Something New in the Familiar

It only takes a stroll along Paseo del Mar, one the first streets in Las Catalinas, to see the way that town’s life is prominent in the day to day. There are different plants and flowers in bloom throughout the year, and the foliage along the beachfront ebbs and flows with the changing of the seasons from dry to green and back.

The plants and flowers of Paseo del Mar


Within the established portions of town, changes to homes and other design touches can be subtle. One trick of perception is to take a different route than usual. The novelty of a new or less familiar route activates the brain in a different way and makes it more attuned to details like the colors of the stucco, the intricate work of facades and doorways, the choices of different hardscape, the careful layout of the streets.

On the frontiers of town, north of the Santarena Hotel and south of Puente San Miguel, changes are more apparent as town grows, but there’s variance in the familiar here as well. The presence of the same home, street, or small plaza can change entirely as the urban fabric evolves around it.

Out in nature around Las Catalinas, things are always changing. The tides, the wind, the weather, the wildlife, and the growth of the trees and plants on the trails all move in their own cycles. Much like on a walk through town, changing the route or the method of travel out in nature activates different parts of the brain, making it easier to perceive nature in a different way. In the bay, taking a different route or swimming rather than paddling provides a fresh perspective. On the trails, simply riding the other direction can be an entirely different experience.

The changing seasons and vibrant wildlife provide something new to explore each day in town


A New Perspective on Town

For all who spend time in Las Catalinas, town is a break from the clock-driven routines than can sometimes control the day-to-day, and brings a bit of the freedom, creativity, and exploration back to life. The seamless ntegration with nature, lively community of residents and guests, and the subtle changes of both established portions and the frontier of town offer an experience that changes each day.

Whether visiting for the first time or wandering the familiar streets, beaches, and trails of town in a different way, there is always something to discover in Las Catalinas.


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