Walkability on a Family Vacation

November 15, 2019

Family vacations are an opportunity to connect, to share new experiences, settle into a different way of life for a while, and spend time face to face with one another.

In Las Catalinas, this connection with family is easy and natural. There are new experiences to share on the trails, in the ocean, and throughout town, all surrounded by great beauty and nature. Town has an easygoing and sociable way of life that puts people to the forefront, and pushes the need for cars to the edge of daily life.

This walkability makes it easy for face-to-face interactions by keeping the day’s many activities close together, allowing the family to pursue different interests and still feel together. This proximity of different things to do in town is a distinct contrast to vacation locations where long rides in the car can leave parts of the family miles away from each other, or make different locations feel disconnected.

There are many factors of walkability that bring families closer together during a stay in town. One that plays a major part is the proximity of homes to town’s many activities.


Setting off into Town


Walkability on Family Vacation and the Home Base

The benefit of a walkable town starts from the first moments of the day. Leaving the home, each member of the family can individually choose which direction they’d like to go, select their preferred activities and set off.

The home is a natural center throughout the day for the family. It’s easy to head back home to rinse off after a ride on the trails or a paddle in the bay, or to drop off new gifts, treats, or clothing from one of town’s shops. It’s more viable to stop in for a short nap, snack, cup of fresh Costa Rican coffee, or a few moments at home. Gear can be left at home for convenience to grab later.

As a result, the family can flow in and out of the home throughout the day, and family members aren’t confined to their activities. A break after a Reto ride can intersect with a stop off after a day at the Beach Club. Returning from early morning paddle yoga can coincide with a late breakfast with family and a house mom.

Mealtimes can be casual and easygoing, or a moment together before dispersing. An afternoon lounging in the pool can slowly bring the family together as they filter in from the day before joining together for a sunset beach barbecue on Playa Danta. Elsewhere, a fun filled day might require at least two cars and extensive planning.


Sunset on Playa Danta


Finding Connection on Family Vacation

By nature, walkable towns are more dense, and as a result more connected. Trails, ocean, and the town all intertwine, creating intersections of different experiences that would not overlap in a town built around cars. Chance meetings occur, paths constantly cross with friends and family, and the home becomes a center for the day.

To learn more about the many activities of town and how they come together, and see which homes are available to book for you next vacation, reach out to town experts from the team at Las Catalinas.


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