Las Catalinas Summer 2013 State of the Union

August 22, 2019

(Note: This post was also sent as an electronic newsletter today)


Dear Friend of Las Catalinas,

I would like to catch you up on the last few months of news items and accomplishments at Las Catalinas.

  • We had a fantastic spring season  with our town full and lively for weeks on end - see this  blog post  for details and photos.   We hosted two major athletic events, the Pura Vida Ride Paddle Battle and the first annual Las Catalinas Triathlon.   Both were  awesome.   What a great season!
  • Summer is shaping up even better.   This really is the nicest time of year in Las Catalinas.   Everything is green and beautiful and the typical daily pattern of morning sun and possible afternoon clouds and showers is gentle and soothing.   (For more on our wonderful and interesting climate read this  blog post.)   Once again town is full and lively, with over 1,000 visitors per week coming to have fun at Las Catalinas.   The houses are full.   Las Catalinas is a uniquely appealing place - a beautiful, walkable, lively town on a prime tropical beach and surrounded by beautiful nature.     Please contact our  rentals team  right now to book your next vacation.   Your family will love you!
  • Our new restaurant  The Green House at Las Catalinas  is getting rave reviews and drawing more and more people to Las Catalinas.   Tanya, Israel, and their staff are delivering great food and drink and the beachside setting keeps getting more beautiful and more enjoyable as we add new furniture, hammocks, games, and activities.   Come and see, and taste!
  • We completed infrastructure work on  Paseo Punta Penca  and now have a beautiful new street in place.   Lot closings are underway, and we will see houses going up soon.   Fourteen of the eighteen lots there are sold, leaving just four remaining to be purchased.   As I have said before, these are some of the finest lots we will ever have, with a great combination of proximity to the center of town yet some extra privacy and killer views.    Contact us now  to get one before it is too late!
  • In June we completed the  paving of the road from Potrero into Las Catalinas.   Yay!   Smooth cruising.
  • The paving of the road from Flamingo to Potrerois underway right now!   This will complete the paved road route to Las Catalinas.   This is great for us, but it is even more important for our neighbors in Flamingo, Potrero, and Surfside.   This road will transform the quality of life in our region, to the great benefit of everyone.   I may have to buy a road bike!
  • We are well underway on the infrastructure for the  next phase of Beach Town.   Earthwork is complete and utilities are being installed.  Six prominent architects have designed the first six houses for this part of town.   The first of them are now available for sale and are on our website:  10 Calle la Ronda,    14 Calle la Ronda, and  16 Calle la Ronda.  In addition  22 Calle la Ronda, a four bedroom home with great views located on the beautiful Plaza Escondida, is now available for sale and will be completed within the next two months.   This home has a one bedroom lock-off suite that walks out onto Plaza Escondida.   It is as versatile as it is beautiful - a must-see!
  • We began construction just this week on theFlats on Avenida la Antigua.   There are twelve great units in the building, four are already sold, and eight remain.   This building designed by Ricardo Arosemena offers beautiful living spaces from studio to three bedrooms in size.   Almost all have private entrances from the street and will feel like true private homes but at a more affordable price than other options in Beach Town.   Our next two buyers will be able to take advantage of a six percent pre-sale discount.   Please  contact us  to learn more and claim one for your own.
  • For the first time we have a completed house available for purchase!    25 Paseo del Mar   is a beautiful three bedroom oceanfront house that has been lightly used for a couple of years and is now available as a resale.    Contact us  - it won't last long!

Thanks for your interest in Las Catalinas - we dearly hope to see you here soon!

Charles Brewer
Managing Partner, Las Catalinas