Las Catalinas State of the Union | February 2023

February 17, 2023

Dear Friend of Las Catalinas,


The first 21 acres of Las Catalinas, which we refer to as Beach Town, is essentially complete.  You can see from this recent Town Growth Report that there are only a few buildings left to finish, and most of these are outside of the center out on Paseo Punta Penca.


Las Catalinas is, in my immodest and possibly biased opinion, the coolest, best, most interesting place that anyone is building anywhere in the world today.  It has a beautiful setting.  The buildings are all of a human scale, individually crafted, one to four stories high.  The architecture is varied yet harmonious, with common elements derived from the wisdom of centuries of traditional design.  All of the elements of excellent walkability are present: it is compact, so walks are not too long; there are lots of tempting destinations and things to do; it is safe; it is beautiful and interesting.  


This walkability is supercharged by the fact that most of town is completely car-free, which makes everything delightfully naturally sociable.  And this compact beautiful walkable lively town is surrounded both on land and at sea by spectacular and dramatic nature.  The result is unique and, yes, the coolest place anyone is building anywhere in the world! 


El Prado, our next phase, is going to take Las Catalinas to an even higher level.  It is organized around a large central park that is exactly what Las Catalinas needs right now.  Parque Central will provide a good-sized field for all kinds of play.  It will have three individually fenced outdoor tennis courts and a covered multi-sport court.  It will have another community swimming pool.  I can’t wait!


Parque Central will be surrounded by houses and townhouses in the lower elevations, and then a series of stair streets will lead up the surrounding hills.  These stair streets will be the defining element of El Prado.  

The first of these stair streets is already designed and construction will begin in May.  We are calling it Lantana, and it is going to be the most stunning and unique thing that we have built yet.  Arosemena and Way are the architects, working in close collaboration with our in-house team.  Oh my, what they have created is just amazing.  All the flats and houses have absolutely stunning views – the very best views we have ever had to offer because they include a rich foreground of the town and the incredible sea views beyond.  That was actually easy to achieve because of the amazing site Lantana has. But Ricardo Arosemena and Tony Way have woven together the various flats and houses of Lantana within an intricate web of passages and connections so artfully and skillfully … I am really floored.  I promise you are going to love it.  And yes, it is going to be the coolest place within the coolest place in the world 😊.


We have busily been installing the infrastructure for El Prado – retaining walls, roads, water, stormwater, wastewater, electric, telecom - since the beginning of last year.  We have made great progress and are heading towards completion around August.  We have been selling houses, flats, and lots during this time and have already sold 113 of them, which we are thrilled about.  If you’d like to learn more about Lantana please visit its own website, and to speak to our (charming, if I do say so) sales team about ownership opportunities in El Prado or elsewhere in town please contact them at


If you have not visited Las Catalinas in a while I hope you will do so soon.  We have come a long way.  I hope that you, like I, will love it!

Best Regards,
Charles Brewer
Managing Partner, Las Catalinas