Las Catalinas State of The Union, May 2016

August 22, 2019

(This message went out to our mailing list today.)

Las Catalinas  is all about connecting with beauty, nature, and the people around you.   As we grow, the experience of being in Las Catalinas keeps getting more compelling.  There are more things to do, more places to go, more people to meet, and more fun to be had.  The state of the union is strong!

Our high season occupancy and activity levels blew away all previous records, making  Las Catalinas  more fun and vibrant than ever.  We had 6,600 bedroom nights occupied through April this year, up over 62% from last year's record number.  Las Catalinas is at its best when our town is full  so this is fantastic news.

Real estate sales continue to be strong, meaning more additions to town are coming sooner rather than later.  Most of the construction that I mentioned in my last State of the Union is now complete, including our beautiful Beach Club and some great new houses on Calle la Ronda and Paseo Punta Penca.  Let me catch you up on some of the  projects we have in the works now.

  • 1 Plaza Central - This beautiful building, in many ways our most significant building yet, will house flats on the top two floors and commercial space in the main floor and basement level.  We expect to have a grocery, a clothing shop, an interior design store, a day spa, and Las Catalinas offices located here.  The building is approaching completion, and should be ready for move in during the 3rd quarter.
  • Flats at Plaza Carlota - Construction is underway on  15 flats in two buildings that will complete Plaza Lucia and largely complete Plaza Carlota, two more important public spaces within Beach Town.  These flats are scheduled for completion in the second quarter of next year.
  • Beach Town North - Our next phase will feature beachside restaurants and retail, a market plaza, and 25 residences.  Planning is complete, and infrastructure work will begin  as soon as possible.
  • Houses!- The final houses on Calle la Ronda are underway.  Soon this part of town will be complete!
  • Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas - The first hotel at Las Catalinas, located on top of Punta Penca, is well underway and  targeting an opening by the end of this year.
  • The Prado - This will be our next major phase after Beach Town North.  It will feature a major park, two tennis courts, a neighborhood pool,  a variety of residences.

That is a lot!  Life at Las Catalinas is good, and it keeps getting better.  Thanks for your support and interest, and please come see us soon!


Charles Brewer

Managing Partner, Las Catalinas