Las Catalinas State of the Union, January 2014

August 22, 2019

(Note: this message was sent to our email mailing list on January 5)

Dear Friend of Las Catalinas,

Happy New Year!   I would like to catch you up on Las Catalinas news from the second half of 2013 and our plans for 2014.

We are preparing to launch a major new phase of Beach Town  adjacent to our upcoming beach club and pool.   This part of Beach Town is hillier than what we have built so far, and our plan takes full advantage of this by providing dramatic views to all of the 44 homes located there.   This part of town will contain prime beachfront homes, townhouses, beautiful plazas with dramatic ocean views, cool stair streets, and loads of charm.   We will be releasing the first properties on a special invitation basis soon.   If you are interested please make sure our sales team knows by contacting us!

Life in Las Catalinas is more fun than ever.   This holiday season Las Catalinas has had a nightly resident population of over 90 people, with up to   400 people per day coming to visit and enjoy walking our beautiful town, eating and drinking at The Green House, enjoying trail and water sports with the help of Pura Vida Ride, and playing on Playas Danta and Dantita.   Our vision of a walkable gem of a beach town surrounded by beautiful nature is certainly coming to life, and it just keeps getting better.   Please come visit soon and enjoy.   Contact  now to book a trip.   The prime spring break weeks are nearly full already - don't delay!

Speaking of the Beach Club, we are moving ahead as fast as possible finishing plans and building our first community pool and beach club.   You can see some more details  here.

We had a strong final quarter for sales  and ended 2013 with a total of 19 sales of houses, lots, and flats.   That is up from 12 in 2012.   We have now sold 15 of the 18 lots on  Paseo Punta Penca  and 7 of the 12  The Flats at Avenida la Antigua.

There is a paved road  leading to Las Catalinas for the first time in history.   We haven't quite popped the cork on the final celebration because a portion of the Flamingo to Potrero road still awaits its second coat of asphalt (the equipment is in place and they are set to restart work next week to finish it off).   However, it is already a beautiful, smooth road and a tremendous improvement for Las Catalinas and our region.

Construction work  has been progressing well and more exciting projects are about to start.   The underground infrastructure work for Beach Town East is nearly complete and hardscape work has begun.   We recently completed 7 Paseo del Mar and 20 and 22 Calle la Ronda.   27 Paseo del Mar and The Flats are well underway and will be complete in the coming months.   We will soon be launching construction on more houses on Calle la Ronda, the Beach Club, and infrastructure for the beach club phase of Beach Town.   Also, a number of lot owners on Paseo Punta Penca are well advanced with their house plans and we expect to begin construction of the first houses on Paseo Punta Penca in February.

Our Team  is stronger than ever, as we have added some key leaders and staff in the past year.   Our full time staff is now over seventy people.   We are scaling up and improving our systems and procedures while continuing to encourage and support the positive  Core Value and Belief  attitudes and behavior of our staff which has made such a powerful impression on our owners, guests, and visitors.

Our purpose  is to build a delightful town that transforms the way the world thinks about "the good life" into something healthier, more connected, and more sustainable.   We want Las Catalinas to be so enjoyable and satisfying that people who visit will go home thinking about how to bring some of our Las Catalinas way of life into their daily lives elsewhere.    Las Catalinas is meant to be a lively place  where you can step out of your house and find friends, interesting visitors, and a variety of fun things going on.    It is also meant to be a truly beautiful place, a gem of a town surrounded by beautiful nature.   Our vision of the good life is not about a lonely mansion on a hill by itself, it is about connecting with the other people in town and connecting with the nature that surrounds the town.   To fully deliver on this purpose, Las Catalinas needs to attain a certain size, and our current mission and strategy is built around this concept of attaining critical mass.    Each new street, each new house, each new store and every resident and visitor all make Las Catalinas a better place in a way that you can really feel.   2013 was a great year of progress for us, and we expect 2014 to be even better.

Thanks for your support, and I hope to see you soon!


Charles Brewer
Managing Partner, Las Catalinas