Las Catalinas State of the Union, April 2015

August 22, 2019

(Note: this message was sent to our newsletter list yesterday.)

Dear Friend of Las Catalinas,

I hope you are doing well!  I have lots of Las Catalinas news to share with you.

I am happy to announce that we are now able to move ahead with the construction of our beach club and the new phase of development around it called Beach Town South.  As you may recall this phase has been on hold for over a year pending the resolution of a permitting issue.  The issue is resolved, we have permits in hand, and are beginning construction immediately.  Thanks to all for your patience during this time.  We will try to make up for some of the lost time with an expedited construction process, and plan to have the beach club open by December of this year.

We are wrapping up a wonderful high season here at Las Catalinas.  Occupancy has been far higher than ever before, up 78% from our record of last year for the November through March Period.  We've been working hard to provide all our guests with a great experience and usually succeeding.  91% of our guests this season responded with a 10 out of 10 on our one-question survey, How likely is it that you would you recommend renting a residence in Las Catalinas to a friend, relative, or colleague?  I hope that you will book your next trip soon by contacting our rentals staff!

I am in Las Catalinas with my family as I write this.  As readers of my earlier writings will know, creating a wonderful place for children at Las Catalinas has always been especially important to me.  Las Catalinas is meant to be a place where kids can be kids, with a good measure of freedom and independence from a young age onwards.  Upon our arrival the other day, our 10 year-old son said to me Daddy, do you know what I like best about Las Catalinas?  Freedom!!  Oh, he knows how to warm his daddy's heart.  One of the things about Las Catalinas that makes me happiest is to realize that hundreds, maybe thousands of children have had some of their first tastes of freedom and independence right here at Las Catalinas.

Our real estate sales have been quite strong, even in spite of our inability to move forward until just now with Beach Town South (which was supposed to account for the bulk of our sales over the last several months).  We have now sold 59 properties and have a further seven under reservation at the moment.  Please contact our sales staff if you would like to find out more about the exciting opportunities coming up in Las Catalinas.

The restaurant at Las Catalinas has new a new operator and a new name - Limonada.  Las Catalinas Food and Beverage Director Can Somyurek and chef Carlos Acun are leading the team.  They have been up and running for a few weeks now, and we will shortly announce the official Grand Opening of Limonada.

The first hotel at Las Catalinas will begin construction soon.  Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas will offer its guests a perfect romantic getaway.    Intentionally built for privacy and romance in the midst of breathtaking natural beauty on the top of Punta Penca, the hotel will carry on the tradition of the original Casa Chameleon which is located south of us on the Nicoya Peninsula.

We are planning on a big year for Las Catalinas in 2015.  Among the things we intend to accomplish are:

  • Complete the beach club and all infrastructure work for Beach Town South.

  • Complete infrastructure work for the new commercial area in Beach Town North.

  • Complete planning, title, and infrastructure permitting for El Prado - an upcoming phase located just inland from the existing Beach Town.

  • Add four more merchants to our town (in addition to Pura Vida Ride and Limonada).

  • Add more full time residents to our town.

  • Focus even more powerfully on building our team according to our Core Values and Beliefs, making Las Catalinas an extraordinary place to do rewarding work.

As always thank you for your interest in and support of Las Catalinas.  We hope to see you here soon!


Charles Brewer
Managing Partner, Las Catalinas