World Class Equestrian Center to Open at Las Catalinas in 2011

August 21, 2019

We are very pleased and proud to announce that Githa and Coo ten Hope Saarberg will be opening a magnificent equestrian center at Las Catalinas next year.   The center will consist of boarding, training, dressage, jumping, children's clinics, and trail riding within the 1200 acres of Las Catalinas.   Many local and international horse events   will be hosted at this first class facility and destination.

Githa and Co are   originally from Holland, and they and their two daughters Fres (12 years old) and Silver (8 years old) have resided in La Garita Costa Rica for the past eleven years.     The Saarbergs are well known in the equestrian world of Europe, and are   top equestrian operators in Costa Rica.

Githa is a licensed importer of the magnificent Friesian horses from Holland, and she and Co are the top breeders of Friesians in Central America.   The Saarbergs started importing Friesians in 2004. We are very proud to be the first to bring this beautiful horse to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. Our goal is to get in touch with all owners, breeders and fans of the Friesians and keep everyone informed of all of the activities around our beautiful Friesians in Costa Rica , says Githa.   To view one of their beautiful Friesian horses click on this link of Bronco and see how magnificent these horses are.

The Saarbergs also own and operate the finest tack and feed store in Costa Rica,   Grand Prix, located in Santa Ana just outside of San Jose. They specialize in articles for rider, horse and stable. We always try to have the latest articles for dressage, jumping, and other fields of the horse sport. Our products are from the best brands available in Europe and the United States says Githa.   They plan on opening a second tack and feed store at Las Catalinas.

For information on the equestrian center contact Githa Saarberg at, tel 506 2487-5865 cell 506 8347-2493.