Walking and Visiting

August 21, 2019


Saturday night after dinner I went for a walk with my six year old son.   We stopped in to visit a couple of different families in our Atlanta neighborhood.   It was nice.   As we walked I realized that we have never, ever, driven to visit someone without arranging it ahead of time.     Not in this neighborhood, and not anywhere else.   Walk - yes.   Bike - yes.   But drive?   Never.   Why?   I can't totally say.   Stopping by to visit someone when you are driving just seems too ... something.   Too pre-meditated?   Too much of a production, therefore putting too much pressure on the people you are visiting to not turn you   away?   Or what?   It just doesn't feel right.

I count this as one reason among many why a town where walking is a primary way of getting around is so special, and why life at Las Catalinas will be so magical...