WAKE Day Spa’s Angie Herman Featured in Insider’s Guide to Spas

November 21, 2019

Insider’s Guide to Spas has just released a full feature on WAKE Day Spa’s founder Angie Herman, going in-depth on the inspirations and founding of the spa, how it fits into her daily lifestyle, and the brands and design that help give WAKE its identity.

On the Delicate Details of a Spa in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a long history as a home for wellbeing. The nation’s natural beauty has served as an inspiration for retreats from all around the world, while its easygoing and peaceful way of life has given way to a culture of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Anywhere you go within the country you can find different perspectives on wellness and wellbeing, and from the far northwest of Guanacaste to the southern tip of the Caribbean each has a unique character. There are focuses on community with nature, community with people, on physical health and wellbeing, on living slower, on living faster, and many more. It’s into this landscape that Angie has brought her own vision of wellness and wellbeing, one that draws influence from both her own physically active lifestyle as well as Peninsula de Nicoya’s way of life, which focuses on not just living longer, but also living better.

The article touches on the founding of WAKE Day Spa and its vision for wellbeing, alongside Angie’s history as an esthetician, her current lifestyle, and a brief review of the spa’s treatments, before diving into a Q&A interview with Angie herself.



Covering WAKE’s naming, the meaning of a spa lifestyle, fitness regimens, unique brands and products used personally and in the shop, and the design of the shop, the interview offers a glimpse into the individual details that comprise a life of wellbeing and beauty.


A Young Spa and A Notable Footprint

As a relatively young spa founded in 2018, the growing interest in the spa speaks to the consistently high quality and unique vision of wellbeing that’s found through every aspect of WAKE’s experience. For many in town, WAKE has become a familiar and integrated part of life, and international coverage, like that of Insider’s Guide to Spas, is a sign that the spa and wellbeing community around the world is taking notice.



As town continues to grow, Angie and WAKE Day Spa both look to be an integral part of a lifestyle that is healthy, fulfilling, and fun.


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