February 5, 2020

Interior Design Magazine Features Santarena's Authentically Costa Rican Design


Interior Design magazine has featured the Santarena Hotel in its online edition, and focuses on how the interior design of the hotel both fits the town of Las Catalinas and the Costa Rican architectural tradition.

The article by Jesse Doris, titled “Arosemena & Soundy Arquitectos’ Santarena Hotel is Authentically Costa Rican”, begins with a brief overview of Las Catalinas as a car-free Costa Rican destination, touching on architect Ricardo Arosemena’s vision for a building that would be “authentic to Costa Rica and the region.”

The article goes onto focus on the local building materials, sweeping views of the surrounding beauty, custom elements from local craftsmen, and seamless integration into the surrounding town as key pillars of the Santarena Hotel’s design, all surrounded by the car-free nature that sets Las Catalinas apart from many other tropical destinations.

In all, the article captures both Interior Design and Arosemena’s perspectives on Santarena, to visions of “town’s living room” and how it has already become integrated into Town.


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