"The Best Off-road Triathlon in the World"

August 21, 2019

This year's triathlon was the best ever, by far.  From the moonlit preparations for the swim, to the triathlon itself, to the open water swim events, to the afternoon kids races, to the evening awards ceremony, it was a magical day.  The video above captures it very well.


Thanks to the Guanaride team and our Las Catalinas staff for putting on such a great event.  Thanks to all the athletes, families and friends who came out.  It seems that word is really out in the athletic community about this event.  It sold out months in advance, catching many of our best friends by surprise. Fortunately we were able to expand the field and accommodate most of them.  It was a very, very strong field.

Leonardo Chacon, national hero and one of the best triathletes in the world, says that this is "the best off road triathlon in the world".  Well, he ought to know.  I certainly agree.  The combination of a beautiful course, a beautiful town to hang out in all day, great food and drink, and a strong feeling of community make it special indeed.

Leonardo was our winner of the overall.  Heroes and great performances abounded in the various age groups and categories. Results are posted here.