Santarena Hotel Featured in The Times

August 21, 2019

The opening of the Santarena Hotel is quickly approaching, and all around the world people are taking notice. Most recently, Santarena was featured in The Times -- one of the UK’s best-selling daily national newspapers -- as they rounded up their most anticipated new hotels of 2019.

The article, written by Annabelle Thorpe, does a pretty good job capturing what's going to make Santarena so special -- the natural playground right on our doorstep, the pure and healthy way of life, the spirit of both exploration and appreciation that makes its home in Las Catalinas -- and we can't wait to prove her right.

The article is available in print for readers in the UK, and available online through The Times Online.

We've also got the both the the print version of article, and the online version of the article right here.