Sailing in Costa Rica with the Costa Rica Sailing Center

January 6, 2020

The steady winds from the northeast that characterize the majority of dry season begin in November, coinciding with the return of the plentiful sun. It’s a time well-suited to outdoor activities of all types around Las Catalinas, but these next few months are especially well suited to sailing the waters of Bahía de Potrero.

One option for a day aboard is a Citizen Science Catamaran from ConnectOcean, which features the opportunity to snorkel, dive, and spend time with family on a trip that blends exploring the natural beauty of these vibrant coastal ecosystems with ocean conservation.

To take the helm yourself or learn to sail with a guide, the best option is the Costa Rica Sailing Center in Potrero, which has a fleet of small watercraft available to rent as well as classes available every day of the week.


Sailing in Bahía de Potrero with the Sailing Center

The cove outside of Las Catalinas is located just on the edge of Bahía de Potrero, the body of water that comprises from the tip of flamingo to Punta Guachipelines. It’s a sheltered bay that provides some protection from the swells coming off of the Pacific, is also sizable enough to comfortably sail for long stretches at a strong clip, with a number of inlets and small beaches to explore along the forested coast dotted with homes and small towns.

The Costa Rica Sailing Center is located on Playa Potrero, where Surfside’s main strip meets the ocean. A pool, outdoor area full of games, and restaurant provide the functions of a gathering spot for residents and visitors to the area, and a departure point to set sail.

Some of the Sailing Center's fleet


For those just learning to sail, the Sailing Center has a team of licensed captains available to guide a tour out in the bay, taking the vessel through the area, pointing out notable landmarks with stories of the area, and leaving up to 4 visitors to sit back and enjoy the ride cutting through the waves.

For those with some experience sailing, the Sailing Center fleet has 8 different types of vessels available to rent and set out to explore the bay yourself. Some require an additional level of competency to handle larger or more complex boats, but the majority can be checked out with anyone that has a familiarity with sailing.

The smooth waters of Potrero Bay make for a sleek, crisp cruise across the water


Once out on the water, the conditions in Bahía de Potrero are consistently ideal, with clear skies and a steady smooth breeze coming straight off of the short, which means you can sail in a beam reach (the fastest point of sail) almost exclusively as you wind along the coast. Sheltered from big onshore swells, sailing in this bay is a chance to cut along smooth waters on a trip out under the sun.

At the end of a trip, the Sailing Center also offers a spot to rinse off, hop in the pool, and relax by the beach to wind down a day on the ocean.


Sailing While You’re Here

To sail while you’re in Las Catalinas, concierge can book the experience and set up transport there and back via the Toyota Mirai or other vehicle. A sailboat provides the chance to see the surrounding areas from the water, a memorable sight that changes with the seasons.

For a longer stay and the chance to improve as a sailor, concierge can also organize lessons through the Sailing Center. These lessons include the international CanSail certification, which certifies a sailor as a capable captain, and is sufficient certification to take out a small vessel in many places in the world.

Whether setting out for a short trip or looking to learn more about the craft of sailing, the wind and the waves are waiting.

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Sailing a Quba off the shores of Bahía de Potrero