Nighttime in Las Catalinas

August 22, 2019

From early on one of my prime fantasies about Las Catalinas has been delicious tropical evening strolls down pedestrian streets, through a variety of plazas, past beautiful architecture.  Sort of like one might do in Venice, or Pienza, except tropical.

Well, we are getting there.  Here are some shots from Saturday night after everyone had gone to bed.  In places, especially around Plaza Escondida, we are beginning to get the architecture in place on both sides of a street or on all sides of a plaza.  With all the construction we have underway now, the nighttime stroll possibilities will soon be much more extensive.

These are all done handheld with a Sony NEX7, which has an interesting setting for low light handheld shots.  Then I edited to bring down the glare of the lights and brighten up the shadows.  I hope you like them.

Compare to Venice, below, where I visited in September.  We have more plants.  They have more canals.  We share the very special advantage of beautiful streets and plazas that do not include cars.

Switch to black and white, and Las Catalinas suddenly looks 300 years old :)