Las Catalinas Has No Connection to Playa Potrero ASADA Issues

August 21, 2019

• The conflict involves non-related actors.
• Las Catalinas clarifies what was its process for obtaining water concession.

Las Catalinas would like to clarify that it has never been involved with the legal and/or administrative processes that affect the ASADA in Playa Potrero. "We have never promoted nor encouraged any action against the development and welfare of any nearby community. Any suspicion in relation to this topic is invalid and purposefully misleading " said Michael Garcí, Director of Environmental and Community Affairs of Las Catalinas.

Las Catalinas recognizes that water is a fundamental resource for human consumption, environmental balance, social, economic and educational development. Las Catalinas is committed to development that is based on a model that strives to be in harmony with nature and promote and encourage responsible actions with regards to the use of water resources.

"We will always be respectful and in compliance with the law of water resources in Costa Rica", explained Garcí indicating that since 2007 the company has undergone a ‹‹lengthy process before the Public Administration in order to access a water concession for self-sufficiency under condominium regime.   Throughout this process Las Catalinas has strictly complied with all procedures established by Decree No. 3527 - 1 - S MINAET, a procedure that has no relationship whatsoever to AyA nor the ASADA Playa Potrero.

According to the decree stipulated above, as a requirement to apply for the concession under a condo regime the developer must request a letter of water availability to the closest water provider (in this case ASADA Playa Potrero). A letter of non-availability of water from the local ASADA is what is required in order for the development to advance in condominium concession process in MINAET's Water Department.

Las Catalinas does not want or need access to, or use of, any water resources in Potrero or in any way linked to the ASADA of Potrero. Any entities or individuals claiming this are misrepresenting the truth and should have their motives questioned by those who are being directly affected by this situation.  


Las Catalinas, Guanacaste, Tuesday February 11th, 2014


Contact Information: Michael Garcia Director of Environmental and Community Affairs. Telephone 83359478 or email

Las Catalinas is a 'new town' project that aspires to be a model in Costa Rica.   Our purpose is to change the way the world thinks about the good life and turning what that means into something healthier and more connected to the community and to nature.   Founded in 2006, Las Catalinas is made up of 472 hectares located in Potrero Bay, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste.   Las Catalinas was designed on the principals of New Urbanism which promote high density over small footprint to reduce environmental impact, create less impervious surfaces, require less infrastructure and help to preserve a greater amount of green and recreational areas.   This design reduces surface runoff and thus the impact on water bodies and the local environment in general. Over the course of development of the Master Plan of Las Catalinas, the total area developed will be only 20%, with the remaining 80% used for reforestation, sustainable recreation and conservation of the local ecosystems.