Costa Rica in December

January 5, 2020

The arrival of December marks the start of a festive time around the world, with many cultures celebrating end of the year holidays.

In Costa Rica, these end of the year holidays come just as the country fully reaches summer, and also just as many visitors start to arrive from colder climates. The result is a time of year where school holidays, the arrival of many summer events, and new visitors from many different countries all coincide, which makes for a lively time in Las Catalinas.


December in Costa Rica | A Time to Visit the Beach

December is the start of the steady summer weather in Costa Rica with temperatures in the low to mid 80s, sun all day, and a steady wind from the northeast. During December the hills and forests are still a vibrant green, but towards the end of the month the first signs of gold start to appear.

This consistent beautiful weather is a big driving factor for visitors from more temperature climates, especially in the northern hemisphere, which is approaching the heart of winter in December.

Within Costa Rica, December is a lively travel time as well. Many schools go on a long break starting in the latter part of the month, during which many families travel across the country, especially the beach.

The days full of sunshine are particularly inviting for visiting athletes looking for consistent weather throughout a trip


December in Las Catalinas | A Lively Time in Town

Along with many new friends to meet from Costa Rica and abroad, there are a few additions to the weekly schedule, and a few events to look forward to in the month of December.

La Plaza, an evening of street food and live music in Plaza Danta, debuted recently and looks to be the place to be on Wednesday evenings for those in Las Catalinas and the surrounding area. The ocean breeze, evening lights of the beachfront, fresh-grilled food, and rich acoustic sounds offer a casual social atmosphere.

Around town, two familiar favorites add to the weekly schedule as well. Santarena’s Sunset Gin & Tonics have expanded, and will now offer the cart of cool, refreshing cocktails on the Rooftop Terrace on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, moving from one day to three. The pop-up dinners in the Beach Club also return, taking place Tuesdays at 6pm lead by Chef Gilberto Briceño.

Towards the end of the year, Christmas and New Year’s bring dinners and other festivities. Final details will be available closer to the events, and you can reach out to concierge for more information.

This festive season is also a great time to highlight the ways to give back to the community. Partners like Abriendo Mentes, CEPIA, and the Guanacaste Community Fund present opportunities to contribute to Guanacaste throughout the year, and their initiatives during this time of year offer the ability to impact children and families around Guanacaste directly during a visit.

For both local and international visitors, December is an attractive time to come visit on family vacation


The End of the Year, The Start of the Season

December is the last month of the year, but it’s also the start of one of the favorite seasons in Costa Rica. There’s warm and sunny weather, frequent events all across the region, many people to meet, traditions starting back up like the traveling fiestas that visit each town from December until late April or May, and much more.

Whether visiting for an ecotour, looking for an elegant stay in a tropical destination, or taking a chance to settle into a different way of life, the next few months are a great time to be in Las Catalinas.


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