Coast Magazine Takes a Look at Ecoluxury in Las Catalinas

November 26, 2019


Coast Magazine’s Jordan Riefe explored the town and surrounding 1000 acre tropical dry forest of Las Catalinas for an article titled Costa Rica Luxe, which focused on the many interesting facets of life both in and around town.

Riefe, like many visiting town for the first time, didn’t quite know what to think at first. Las Catalinas is not a resort, though it has many of the familiar comforts and conveniences, and Riefe found it unlike any town he had seen before.

As Riefe explains, it did not take him long to realize the allure of Las Catalinas, and he spends the majority of the article detailing the many experiences available to visitors in town, ranging from outdoor experiences on the trails and in the water to town’s culinary offerings like Copper & Stone, Ponciana, and Sentido Norte.

Riefe winds down by touching on the different ways to make town home, whether for the moderate term through long term rentals or the homes and flats available for sale. In closing, he captures one aspect of town brilliantly.

“The dirty little secret is that there’s just enough to keep you busy, but who wants to be busy?”

You can read the whole article here, or below.