Change of Seasons

August 21, 2019

Sketch by Markham Smith, May 18 2013. View from Las Catalinas of sea with Islas Pitahayas and Islas Catalinas.

The dry season is lingering at Las Catalinas.  We would expect rain by now, but other than a couple of early rains a few weeks ago and a good shower the other day very little has come.  Lately the early mornings are calm, then an onshore breeze - very refreshing - starts by mid-morning.  Here at the beach the lows have been around 77, and the highs around 86.

The water is exceptionally clear right now, and it seems there has been a fish population explosion.  I snorkeled the other morning and saw a large turtle, a very large spotted eagle ray, and thousands of other fish -  sergeant  majors, parrot fish, lots of those big purple spotted pufferfish.  I think it is the best snorkeling conditions ever!  Go early, when the water is like glass...

Likewise conditions on the trails are great.  On my last ride I saw a large group of  Capuchin  monkeys and a big anteater.

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