Bring Your Friends to Las Catalinas

August 22, 2019

(Note: This was sent as a newsletter to our Las Catalinas mailing list on Nov. 28 and I forgot to post in here until now...)

Dear Friend of Las Catalinas,

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to our friends in the USA, and best wishes to our friends in Costa Rica and elsewhere.  Thanksgiving is a time for being with friends and family, and I hope you are getting to do that this weekend.

Las Catalinas is a particularly ideal place to get together with groups of friends.  The easy sociability of our town makes these kinds of gatherings easy, natural, fun, and even potentially profound.  I'm writing to explain why, and to encourage you to bring a group of friends to Las Catalinas soon.

Here's how to do it and why it works so well.  Rent (or own, of course) one house that is big enough to be the headquarters for your group.  Make this the official, always available hangout place for the group.  Arrange additional houses or flats as needed if you overflow the sleeping capacity of headquarters.  Headquarters gives you a place to hang out that is just for you and your group. This is crucial!  That is often exactly what you are going to want.

Other times you are going to want to get out, partake of various activities, and mingle with a wider community.  At Las Catalinas that is super easy because just a few steps from your door you'll find gathering places like Limondada and our new Beach Club, the beach, beautiful streets and plazas to explore, and the wonders of our 1000-acre nature preserve that surrounds town.

You can't get this at a hotel.  At a hotel you are either isolated in your own room or you are are in public.  You are missing the in-between, the fun, relaxed place to hang out with just your group.  People end up isolated in their separate rooms too much.  It just doesn't work that well.

You can't get this in an isolated house either.  There you are missing the activities and the wider community.

Last winter I arranged a gathering of my graduate school classmates at Las Catalinas.  That is a picture of some of us you see at the top of this email.  It was profoundly wonderful.  The kind of interaction we were able to have at Las Catalinas would have been hard to have almost anywhere else.  It was not only fun, it was really meaningful, special, and rejuvenating.

You also have groups of friends either from your past or present who could have a similar  gathering.  It can be more wonderful and more important than you might think.  And it's easy.  Our concierge staff can do all the heaving lifting of the organizing.    Who would you like to spend a week with in a beautiful, tropical, magically sociable setting?  I urge you to make it happen - you will be glad you did.


Charles Brewer
Managing Partner, Las Catalinas