Aquatic Academy at the Beach Club

August 21, 2019

Inspired by David Hayes’ design and executed by architect Ricardo Arosemena and interior designer Andrina Fonseca, the Las Catalinas Beach Club is a beautiful oceanside gathering spot for local and visitors to socialize, swim, exercise, and relax.

Today, the club’s partnership with ConnectOcean is making it an even more exciting destination by offering environmental education in collaboration with local researchers, naturalists, activists, and marine scientists, as well as a broad range of citizen science initiatives that help participants discover, connect and protect our planet. Programs focus on grassroots conservation projects with a mission of community integration, providing access and resources to groups who might not otherwise be able to experience it.

The ConnectOcean Aquatic Academy and Dive Center provides new and exciting programs to members of the Las Catalinas community from six-month-old babies to grandparents, including experienced divers, disadvantaged residents of rural communities and those with disabilities. Through the ConnectOcean Academy, students can learn to swim, get certified in scuba diving, participate in SWIM SAFE Costa Rica, a drowning prevention program providing water safety skills, go on outreach expeditions, learn lifeguarding skills, or take part in Sin Límites, an adaptive scuba, paddling, and surfing program designed for those with life-altering injuries.



A social hub with a mission of inclusivity and environmentalism, the ConnectOcean Aquatic Academy and Dive Center is poised to change more than just Las Catalinas; it’s designed to empower citizens to change the world. Whether you’re taking your baby for their first swim lesson, are getting back in the water after an accident, or are learning what role you can play in keeping our water clean, ConnectOcean Aquatic Academy and Dive Center cultivates skills that last a lifetime and teaches us we all have the ability to make a difference.