Discovering Town: Everything You Need to Know About Home Owning in LAS CATALINAS Part 1

December 8, 2023

Navigating Life in Town as a Homeowner 

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Welcome to the first chapter in our exploration into all you need to know about living in Las Catalinas. Some consider Las Catalinas a planned community, others think of it as a new urbanism project. For those who have recently come across captivating images of Las Catalinas in the media, showcasing its vibrant coastal homes lining the shores of Playa Danta, you are in for a treat. Las Catalinas is unlike other resort towns taking over coastlines worldwide for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons being that it is a car-free town. Perhaps you have booked a vacation in one of its charming hotels and caught wind of the availability of custom-designed homes for sale in town. Maybe you are a resident of Costa Rica or a frequent visitor, and the buzz surrounding Las Catalinas has piqued your curiosity. Whatever led you here, these frequently asked questions serve as your gateway to understanding the fundamental essence of owning in this extraordinary town. Join us as we unravel the unique charm that makes Las Catalinas an exceptional destination, starting with a basic introduction, amenities, and the design plan. 


What is Las Catalinas? 


Las Catalinas is an enchanting beach town located on the Pacific coast of Guanacaste. Its purpose is to create a way of life that is healthy, sustainable, fulfilling, and fun. It is a place where connecting with other people, and with nature, is easy. We think it is one of the most important and beautiful new towns in the world. The architecture is adapted for outdoor living. Motorized vehicles are refreshingly absent. The comings and goings of residents and visitors enrich the scene. Every street leads to an overlook of the picturesque landscape. Each home frames incredible views. 


Where is Las Catalinas?  


Sitting in front of the pristine Playa Danta and Dantita, Las Catalinas graces the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, situated in the northwestern corner of this tropical haven. Boasting over 640 kilometers (400 miles) of Pacific shoreline, Guanacaste stands as a coastal paradise kissed by both southern and northern swells, earning its reputation as a world-class surfing destination 


The region’s expansive black, gold, and white sand beaches receive swells from the south and the north, making it a world-class surfing destination. 


This diverse province is home to a wide variety of ecosystems, from lush rainforests and tropical dry forests to expansive wetlands, creating a captivating backdrop. Amidst this natural beauty, simple beach towns emerge, adorned with surf shops, boutique hotels, concept stores, and family-owned restaurants known as "sodas" serving healthy fare made with local ingredients. 


Physically, we are building a beautiful place composed of houses, shops, restaurants, small hotels and inns, pedestrian streets, plazas, parks, and recreational facilities. All elements are arranged to produce a series of wonderful, walkable public spaces interwoven with the natural environment.  


What are the Different Neighborhoods That Make UP Las Catalinas? 


We have just completed our first 21 acres, the primary neighborhood called Beach Town. All homes available in this section will be resales. This neighborhood, located on Playa Danta, includes: 

  • About 180 residences of various types 

  • Two hotels with 67 rooms, called Santarena and Casa Chameleon 

  • About ten dining options, with seven in place and three to four on the way 

  • Over a dozen other retailers 

  • Several hundred square meters of office space 

  • The Beach Club 

  • A major health and well-being center 


The next part of Las Catalinas to be built will be El Prado. This area, just on the other side of Camino Catalinas, town’s street connecting us with the rest of Guanacaste, will contain: 


  • More offices, businesses, and places to work 

  • A variety of residential options, including housing for people working in the new offices and other full-time residents 

  • A large park with playing fields, tennis courts, a covered basketball/multisport court, and an additional neighborhood pool 

  • A series of spectacular stair-streets and homes with fantastic and unique views, in the upper areas 

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Additional neighborhoods will include a secondary beach neighborhood and primary hotel site on Playa Dantita, as well as hill-town neighborhoods on Punta Penca, Punta Guachipelines, Las Cruces, Windy Peak, and McHenry Peak. 


What Activities are There To Do at Las Catalinas? 


One side of Las Catalinas is embraced by over 1,000 acres of tropical dry forest, with spectacular hills and valleys that afford extensive hiking and mountain biking. On the other side is the Pacific Ocean, where two of the finest beaches in Costa Rica offer swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, boogie boarding, and snorkeling.  Outdoor activities are just steps away from the doorsteps of homeowners. 


Finca la Estancia, Las Catalinas farm, offers farm and local community visits, horseback riding, pickle ball, and basketball courts.  


Town has an abundance of shopping and dining options to choose from, complemented by as a rich monthly events program for you to immerse yourself in the community or partake in seasonal holidays. 


Las Catalinas is designed to be a place where you can maintain, or regain, your physical and mental equilibrium. Wellbeing activities can be found throughout town, starting with immediate access to the beautiful natural world and charming town provide ample opportunities to ease your body and mind. Numerous facilities and venues in Las Catalinas are well-suited for retreats, yoga instructor training, workshops, and other wellness practices. In upcoming development projects, even more options will be added. 


Discover a myriad of day trip opportunities, whether on the water, at the farm, or indulging in gastronomic delights. Browse through a diverse list of experiences to enhance your exploration in our vibrant region here. 



Who Lives in Las Catalinas? 

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Currently, Las Catalinas is a thriving community with approximately 100 residents, consisting of both full-time and part-time residents. These individuals have chosen Las Catalinas as their home because they share a common desire to prioritize living well, fostering meaningful connections, and immersing themselves in nature. You will find kindred spirits who have sought out a residence that allows them to fully embrace these principles.


Is There a Pool or Exercise Facility?  


Many homes have their own pool. In addition, Las Catalinas has a world-class beach club, with four pools, a gym, a restaurant, and plenty of space to relax.  


Exercise can be done on the beach or trails, minutes away from your home. Center of Joy, Pura Vida Ride and Core by Chakfitness offer exercise classes and facilities. Basketball and pickleball courts are available at Finca La Estancia. Expect more options to become available in upcoming development projects. 


If I purchase a home in Las Catalinas, is my home on titled property?  


Yes. Las Catalinas does not have any ‘concession’ property. The vast majority of the Costa Rican coastline includes a 150-meter concession zone beyond the 50-meter public maritime zone. 


How Does Property Ownership Work in Las Catalinas? 


Properties at Las Catalinas have fee-simple titles. The Costa Rican laws and constitution guarantee the protection of private land and property ownership. Foreigners have the same legal rights as Costa Ricans. We offer individual titles for each property under the Costa Rican ‘condominium regime.’ This offers fee simple ownership with covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs), design guidelines, and land use restrictions which are established by Las Catalinas.  


Can I Rent Out My Las Catalinas Home, and are Property Management Services Available?  


Yes. We encourage owners who will not be occupying their homes on a full-time basis to make their home available for rental. Las Catalinas Property Management Services (CPMS) offers full property management and rental management services, including maid and concierge services. The refined, high level of service offered by Las Catalinas is one of the great advantages of owning or renting at Las Catalinas.  


What is the process for purchasing a Flat, Lot, or Designed Home?  

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Once you have decided on which location works best for you, a Purchase and Sale contract is signed and a down payment is made. The remaining balance is paid in monthly progress payments following construction milestones until the final balance is paid at closing when the title is delivered.  


What is the process for designing my home?

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Las Catalinas offers a tiered system to assist with the design and construction process. When it comes to designing, whether your vision for your new home is inspired by a unique color palette, or influenced by the many captivating residences in this stunning community, both the Custom Service and the Signature Service are your dedicated allies in customizing your piece of paradise. Think of these services as valuable assets that grant you access to a rich pool of resources, complete with approved architects, seasoned constructors, and a wealth of design expertise cultivated over years in the heart of Guanacaste, all infused with the unmistakable charm that defines Las Catalinas. 


What sets these services apart is their user-friendly, hands-on approach to crafting a home that aligns with your unique vision. In Las Catalinas, the concept of well living is intrinsically tied to the design and functionality of our living spaces. Let Las Catalinas be your guiding force in transforming your dream home into a reality. 


This blog post about designing your dream home explains the process in greater detail.


Where is the Owner’s Parking Lot Located?  


The location of parking areas will change over time as Las Catalinas continues to grow. Our promise is that now and forever more, owners will have access to a drop-off point or parking area within 200 meters of their home.  


What Do You do if There is Heavy Rain or I Have a Big Grocery Order in a Car-Free Town? 


Town has a dedicated team equipped with pushcarts, golf carts, and valet services to lend a hand. 



We trust that these frequently asked questions have provided valuable insights into the essence of Las Catalinas—a community dedicated to well-living. Stay tuned for more shared queries, and feel free to contact our Residential Sales Team here for further details on becoming a homeowner in Las Catalinas.