Construction has Started on 7 Paseo Miraflores, A Quintessential Beach Town Home

January 5, 2020

Located at the top of the staircase leading from Plaza del Mercado, 7 Paseo Miraflores has a significant role in the neighborhood. Due to this position, which intersects the lively, active and entertainment zone created by Plaza del Mercado and the quiet residential pedestrian street Paseo Miraflores, the home presents a beautiful and welcoming “gift to the street” to all who enter Paseo Miraflores. This location also affords it a view between the Mercado Flats buildings over Plaza Mercado, Plaza Iguanas, and finally the trees and the ocean.

7 Paseo Miraflores will welcome guests arriving to the street from Plaza del Mercado with a multilevel facade that embraces the outdoors


The homes in Las Catalinas draw their influences from a palette of different towns and regions. 7 Paseo Miraflores is one of the first examples of a home whose influences lie almost solely within Beach Town as it nears completion.


The Influences of Paseo Miraflores

As the home’s architect and resident Town Architect at Las Catalina Sara Bega explains, Paseo Miraflores draws from the learnings of many homes throughout Beach Town. For example, architects in town have learned that often the best place for outdoor social space is towards the home’s predominant view, so this home has three stacked, covered outdoor spaces on each level facing the ocean to make prominent use of the view and add ventilation throughout the home.

Paseo Miraflores also has a private courtyard with a pergola and plunge pool, familiar features that bring nature, cool air, and a refreshing space into the heart of this home, adding to the many unique pools in town. The main floor follows the same open concept commonly found in town, with living and dining room slightly offset. Finally, there are two master suites and a den/media room on the second level.

The result is a home that feels quintessentially Las Catalinas to those who have stayed here, with the distinct influence of the homeowner as well, who chose bright white and elegant finishes to add their touch to the home.


A Look Inside Paseo Miraflores

The first floor of 7 Paseo Miraflores


Main entry to 7 Paseo Miraflores is into the private courtyard from Plaza Papaya. From the courtyard, visitors enter into the open-concept kitchen and dining, which immediately unfolds to the generous living room. This open-concept style is near-ubiquitous throughout town, and is a way to maximize internal space in a town plan that values compact footprints. This large interior living space also integrates into the first floor terrace, which is a covered open air space with a view towards the street.

The second level of 7 Paseo Miraflores


On the second floor is a media room/den, which serves as one of the internal social areas of the home, providing a meeting place between the floor’s two bedrooms. Also on this floor is one of two private terraces, with a seating and a view over the street towards Plaza Iguanas.

7 Paseo Miraflores's Upper Level


The upper level has a large master suite with panoramic views towards the ocean from the terrace. There is also a secondary master that has expansive views towards the hiking and mountain biking trails.

In all, the general flow of people in 7 Paseo Miraflores follows a familiar pattern for many homes and flats throughout Las Catalinas. Entrance is into the main social space of the home, which serves as a place to gather while arriving, before departing, or throughout the day. Moving upward is a transition from social to personal spaces, with guest bedrooms and semi-private den on the second floor, and then master suites on the top floor.

In other homes throughout town this movement can take place horizontally, like in Flat 38 Avenida la Antigua, split between multiple levels like in 9 Calle La Ronda, or in several directions like in Castillo del Mar. The end result for all are homes and flats that provide an integrated balance of personal and social spaces, which are suited to a stay of any length or even full time living.

Combined with the emphasis on view terraces on each level, which draw from learnings around town, 7 Paseo Miraflores presents one of the first homes that can be described as influenced almost entirely by Las Catalinas.

7 Paseo Miraflores will occupy the space at the end of the hand-made stair street from Plaza del Mercado, presenting a beautiful facade to welcome pedestrians onto Paseo Miraflores. A spot in town to keep an eye on for progress


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In many ways, 7 Paseo Miraflores captures the essence of Las Catalinas design and architecture, while also continuing to build upon town’s growing architectural vernacular.

It’s possible to see some of these influences, and how they add to time spent in town, in a stay at the homes and flats of the Las Catalinas Collection.


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