Beach Homes for Outdoor Summer Hosting in Costa Rica

November 28, 2019

It’s summer in Costa Rica, a season that brings warm breezy days with plenty of sunshine, many-colored sunsets of reds, oranges, blues, pinks, and clear skies at night full of stars. In town any time of year, dry season or rainy season, is good to be in the outdoors, but each invites a mix of different outdoor activities on the trails, in the water, and throughout town.

In the homes and flats of Las Catalinas, the arrival of summer offers many familiar favorites like days by the pool, beach barbecues, and open air dinners. See below for a few of the many ways to host summertime activities at these beach rentals in Costa Rica.


Casa Acuarela | Casual Get Togethers During Days Around Town

Casa Acuarela's Oceanview Dining Terrace


Casa Acuarela is an ideal home base for time in the outdoors, offering an open air spot to gather throughout days spent on beach, ocean and trail. There are large social areas, indoor and outdoor dining, and four bedrooms in this home, which combines with a prime location just steps away from the Beach Club and Playa Danta.

This home is also ideal for hosting casual get togethers during days spent out and around. The second floor has an open floor plan with plentiful natural light filling the kitchen, living room, and dining room from three adjacent outdoor living spaces, the relaxing side patio, back dining and grilling patio, and plaza-facing front balcony. The result is a versatile but unified space to gather and spend time together at the heart of the home during lively days around Las Catalinas.


Avenida La Antigua Flats | Plaza Dinners

Avenida La Antigua's Common Dining Terrace


While in the central Avenida La Antigua flats like 30, 32, 36, and 38 Avenida La Antigua, you’re surrounded by open air terraces, walkable streets, and the blend of nature and traditional architecture that is part of the identity of Las Catalinas. Large windows, terraces, and nearby communal balconies provide a view and a chance to step out into the outdoors that surrounds the flat.

The shared open-air dining terrace at Avenida la Antigua provides an urban backdrop for a cozy open-air dinner surrounded by the beauty of town’s traditional architecture. This space fronts on Plaza Escondida, a quiet pedestrian plaza, and provides a tranquil space to share time together.

Plaza Lucia set up for Guanacaste Nights 2019


On the other side of the apartment, all the Avenida la Antigua flats have immediate access to Plaza Lucia, which is a lively and social space in one of town’s welcoming open air squares. In the past, Plaza Lucia has hosted events like long-table pig roasts and 2019’s Guanacaste Nights Fiesta en la Plaza, and offers a rich pedestrian social space on the smooth brick tiles under the foliage of the area’s large ceiba tree.


Casa Pelícano | Colorful Days by the Pool

Casa Pelícano's Pool Terrace


A playful and spirited decor throughout Casa Pelícano, including design pieces from local artisans, murals from artist Julio Cesar Valverde, sculpture inspired by land and sea, vibrant and colorful artwork, and a palette of handcrafted cuban tiles, fill this seven bedroom beachfront home with color and energy.

At the center of Casa Pelícano is the pool terrace surrounded by foliage, which unites infinity pool overlooking the forested beaches, two floor outdoor dining with surfboard table from Robert August, and the home’s balconies. The result is a space that emphasizes the colors and character of Guanacaste, where everyone in Casa Pelícano can comfortably come together for lively days spent by the pool surrounded by beauty.


StuCasa | An Easygoing Afternoon Hangout in the Heart of Town

The indoor outdoor social floor at StuCasa


StuCasa is a six bedroom home in the heart of town, which has numerous spaces to socialize with family and friends on vacation. A beautiful pool terrace and an open air dining area are adaptable for kids and adults to enjoy together. Two ocean view porches provide a space to chat with friends or passersby. There’s a guest house to invite family and friends. The home is located just steps from Playa Danta, the trails, and town’s shops and restaurants, so every generation can find something to do together in walking distance.

The result is a home in which easygoing outdoor sociability thrives. A two-pool terrace features lounge chairs, nearby outdoor dining, and constant views of foliage and sea. Nearby, the ground-level porch is a thoughtfully designed space that provides versatile sociability based on where you sit. If you move your rocking chair towards the back, you are afforded the complete privacy of an elevated porch space, but if you move your rocker forward towards the edge you can easily chat with anyone walking below you.

These open air spaces integrate with the kitchen, living, and dining room for a large group, creating a beautifully designed and richly appointed indoor-outdoor hub to come together throughout the day.


Casa Encantada | Brunch on the Rooftop

The belvedere at Casa Encantada, which invites beauty any time of day


Casa Encantada has four bedrooms, an indoor-outdoor multilevel living area at the center of the home, and a large rooftop terrace with panoramic views, which make the home ideal for a lively and social stay in town. Alongside its outdoor social spaces like the pool and outdoor dining area, the large top floor belvedere has panoramic forest and ocean views, seating for ten, and a second grill that offers a beautiful place to come together.

This belvedere also offers a spot for a special brunch surrounded by panoramic views of town, trail, and water in the late morning light. The inviting shade and airflow of the rooftop belvedere, the second cooking station so that everyone can share time together, and the communal seating around one table helps foster a natural connection to both the people around and the natural beauty of Las Catalinas. Town’s culinary team can also provide ingredients, or a chef to add another dimension to the morning.


Casa Ventanas | A Hillside Sunset Social

The outdoor terrace and living area at Casa Ventanas


Casa Ventanas has large windows throughout the home overlooking the bay, a location next to the beach, and a sunset-facing position that combine to bring a connection to nature in all spaces of the home. There are also terraces off of each of the four bedrooms, a large open air courtyard with an infinity pool, a full indoor-outdoor kitchen and dining room, and a garage, all spread across four floors and surrounded by tropical dry forest as well as Playa Danta.

The open air living area at the center of Casa Ventanas provides an expansive space that invites a sunset social. There is an outdoor kitchen to prepare tapas, snacks, and hors d'oeuvres with a spacious and open kitchen just inside, and the versatile social areas of the sunset-facing swinging chair, the poolside deck, the infinity pool, and the covered lounge provide the ability to flow from space to space as conversations rise and fall. The panoramic sunset views present all throughout the space underline this natural sociability, for an atmosphere of time spent together.


Castillo del Mar | Lively Beach Barbecues

The beachfront pool terrace and dining area at Castillo del Mar


Castillo del Mar features immediate access to the beach, a patio and dining terrace with seating for twelve, four indoor social areas, and six bedrooms provide a blend of social and personal spaces that makes it a perfect home for a lively vacation with family and friends. With indoor and outdoor living as well as large windows throughout the home, the beauty of the tropical beachfront is never far away during time spent together in the villa.

The main hub of pool patio, outdoor dining room, and overlooking terrace provides a diverse space at the center of the home to come together throughout the day, which combines with the professional grilling setup to offer an ideal spot for a classic beach barbecue.

There’s an easy flow to the pool, the beach, and the social areas upstairs that provides both a space for everyone and a sense of cohesion, and the grotto’s dining table is shaded and surrounded by the sounds of the waves. As for the meal, Bahía group can provide ready-to-grill proteins, premade sides, and a chef to handle grilling if desired.


Casa Brewer | Movie Night By the Pool

The pool at Casa Brewer, whose side walls can easily host a pool movie night


In Casa Brewer, 6 bedrooms including a 2 bedroom guest house, a central courtyard with pool, numerous open-air terraces, and an ideal location just steps away from Playa Danta all combine to foster an intrinsic connection to town, nature, and each other.

At the center of the home are the courtyard, pool, and dining grotto, open air spaces alive with greenery and suited to play, socializing, and covered outdoor dining. Thanks to the high courtyard walls and the plentiful open space around the pool, this courtyard is ideal for a movie night under the stars. From floats in the pool or seating set up poolside, the warm ocean breeze and beautiful surroundings around provide a quiet, subtle atmosphere to complement the film.


Vista del Mar | Sunset Dining in the Open Air

Vista del Mar's rooftop living and dining terrace


The crowning feature of Vista del Mar is its covered terrace, where open air views in three directions of town, ocean, and mountains bring beauty and fresh air into the space with dining for eight and hanging sofa big enough for three. Complete with room for six and a bright, welcoming decor, this three-bedroom flat is a natural complement to the vibrant way of life in Las Catalinas.

The covered terrace becomes a beautiful venue at sunset, with the ocean breeze coming off the ocean, the Guanacaste sky providing vivid color over town, forest, and ocean, and the comfortable space offering space to welcome guests. One favorite for this home is a private dining experience with town’s chefs, where the full kitchen below helps chefs prepare courses of fresh local ingredients served while surrounded by the colorful beauty of the region.


8A Cartagena Flats | A Hidden Terrace On the Monkey Corridor

The open-air, yet slightly hidden back terrace on 8A Calle Cartagena


8A Cartagena Flats is ground floor in the Cartagena Flats building, providing a natural sense of privacy one flight down from the street level. The front grotto is a shaded terrace filled with art and plants, a sizable and cozy personal space. Featuring an easy transition between indoor and outdoor, the back terrace has a plunge pool and ample living and dining space, which overlooks the greenery of the Monkey Corridor and the quiet Plaza Andalucía.

The Cartagena Flats as a whole are the closest point in town to the Las Catalinas Beach Club, which offers a space to relax poolside with beach bites and cocktails. These flats are also just a few steps from Plaza Celaje, a beautiful plaza sheltered by the branches of a ceiba tree suited to everything from a picnic lunch to sunset cocktails.


The Cartagena Flats are the closest point in town to the Las Catalinas Beach Club


Surrounded by these lively spaces, the back terrace in 8A Cartagena Flats provides a space that feels hidden and personal, yet connected to the nature and townscape of Las Catalinas. Pool terrace, outdoor seating, a BBQ grill and a dining area make this spot a refreshing place to get away and relax during days around town.


Posada San Rafael -- Stargazing on the Rooftop

The rooftop terrace at Posada San Rafael, with stargazing pool and fire table


Posada San Rafael is designed as four united suites, echoing the old tradition of posadas as a place for travelers to come together. Centered around an open air courtyard with a pool, this history is present throughout the posada’s interior, which features artifacts curated from around Latin America that reflect the home’s four patron saints.

There are a number of shared spaces in the Posada that invite time spent together with friends and other travelers, including a rooftop terrace with a fire table and a heated stargazing pool. The close communal space of the rooftop and the stunning views of the clear summer skies above makes this space ideal to host a quiet evening, pointing out planets and constellations like Jupiter and Orion, or simply sitting back and watching the stars.


Discover These and More When You Visit

The homes and flats around town are ideal for hosting a wide variety of occasions in the outdoors, and the summertime in Costa Rica is a perfect time to embrace these inviting outdoor experiences. Discover each of the homes above, as well as the many others throughout town when you stay with the Las Catalinas Collection.


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