Wine Tastings in the Cava

January 6, 2020

One of the four areas of Copper & Stone Gourmet Grocery is the Cava, a carefully climate controlled wine cave with a curated selection of some favorite wines from throughout the world. The Cava is a bit of a creative venture for Copper & Stone’s team, whose experience with curating wines for menus blends with their own personal taste. The result is a collection that has a base of recognizable regions and labels, as well as a few very carefully selected gems.

Demian Geneau, Copper & Stone’s General Manager, explained that there were a few key principles to selecting the wines, but that ultimately selecting the specific vintages and labels for the Cava was a bit of an artistic venture. As a base, he noted that they like to cover offerings from a number of different countries, with a well rounded range in price, as well as a complete selection of varietal and vintage. The goal with these core offerings is to be familiar and welcoming, but still thoughtful and surprising, so there’s something for everyone in the Cava.

From that base, the unique tastes of the Copper and Stone team come to the forefront. One goal is to collect wines that might have missed the public eye or been overlooked, and management always make sure to keep an eye out for interesting bottles during their travels. The result is a creative set that complements the more familiar selections in the Cava, and ensure that there’s always an element of discovery in a trip to Copper & Stone.

The Cava's wine selection is a combination of well known favorites and some personal gems selected by the owners


This creativity also comes to life in the wine tastings available from the Cava. The menu was brought to life through a combination of personal Copper & Stone favorites and feedback from sommeliers around Costa Rica, resulting in the seven experiences currently available to book on Copper & Stone’s website.


The Wine Tastings at Copper & Stone


Owners’ Pick

An opportunity for the owners to share their weekly favorites. Selection includes a flight of 4 wines, selected weekly to keep fresh and interesting options in the rotation. Includes a platter of charcuterie and cheeses.



Client's Picks

A visitor-guided option to to explore the tastings of their choosings. Visitors can choose to try as few or as many bottles as desired, with wines available to take home afterward. Cost varies per bottle.


Duel Of The Bubbles

A sommelier-guided experience through some of the world’s most iconic bubbles. This tasting includes Franciacorta vs Champagne, as well as Proseco Vs Cava comparisons, along with a look into the production of these bubbes as compared to other wines.


North VS South

A tasting created out of an old debate between two of the Americas’ foremost wine producing regions, Chile and the Napa Valley. Under the guidance of a sommelier, this blind Cabernet Sauvignon tasting offers the chance to pick your favorite.


Spain In 4 Glasses

Many years of travel to Spain inspired this tasting, which features some of Spain’s top wine producing regions. Each glass presents a glimpse into a different part of the country, where differences in climate and soil produce a powerful difference in flavors.



Super Tuscany Vs Rioja

A tasting to put two of the world’s premier wines to the test. During 2015, conditions in Europe led an exceptional year of growth and harvest, leading to a selection of superb wines produced all around the continent. This tasting features some of the best 2015, offering a guided one to one comparison of Sassicallai - Tuscany 2015 and Muga Aro - Rioja 2015, the two wines chosen as among the top in the world.


Exclusive Cabernet Blind Tasting

This tasting is a guided journey through Cabernet Sauvignon bottles from around the world, to understand the many subtleties of one of the world’s most iconic varietals of wine. This blind tasting leaves nothing to focus on except the many facets of flavor, which are each brought into focus by the guidance of the sommelier.


Taste Them in Town

Each of these tastings are available to book through Copper & Stone’s website, or can be set up by contacting the Copper & Stone team. As a whole, the Cava offers a gateway from Las Catalinas into many different wines. Whether attending a tasting in the Cava or selecting a bottle to take home, this carefully curated selection of familiar favorites and undiscovered gems offer an excellent pairing to time spent in this walkable town.


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