Waking Up with the Sun in Las Catalinas

January 5, 2020

The rhythms of nature are present in many forms in Las Catalinas. The ocean is just nearby, which changes constantly with the tides, the wind, the swell, and other factors like rainstorms near and far. Out in the forests, the cycle of seasons seasons, the sun, the moon, the clouds and the rain all contribute to the shifting landscape of colors and wildlife to be found just steps away from town’s walkable streets.

When in Las Catalinas, this connection to nature facilitates a day to day attuned to that constantly present, natural rhythm, one that is more steady and responds to the shift of the seas, the sky, and the forests. Throughout this lifestyle in touch with the outdoors, one element of consistency in town is the habit that many have of waking up and heading out early.


Aligning with Nature in Las Catalinas

Las Catalinas is located in the tropics, only 10 degrees north of the equator, and days only vary in length by about thirty minutes throughout the year. The result is a steady average of twelve hours of daylight year round, and a consistent sunrise around which to build the start of a day in touch with nature.

Of all the different natural phenomena, the cycle of day and night is the most ever present. It’s also one of the first phenomena that humanity adapted to, with the creation of fire, then torches and lanterns and other forms of lighting, and now the ubiquity of electricity in towns and cities. In urban areas it’s now possible to wake and sleep any time of the day, regardless of the conditions of the sun.

However, out in nature the shifting of day and night are fundamental, where the availability of light and different temperatures change the balance of life in an ecosystem. Certain creatures become more active, others sleep or go into hiding, and the makeup of a habitat can shift drastically.

The difference between day and night is fundamental in the natural world, and the entire character of a habitat can change between the two times


During the early hours of the morning, the forests and oceans are in a time of flux between day and night, as both diurnal and nocturnal creatures shift to adapt to the coming of the day. Out on a hike or paddle, these times are a chance to catch wildlife in transition, as creatures are between activity and rest.

The weather in the mornings in Costa Rica is gentle, suited to everything from a high-intensity ride or surfing session to a morning walk along the beach


On the other hand, though the dawn is very biologically active, the weather just after sunrise in Costa Rica is gentle. The air is cooler before the warmth of the day has set in. Early morning mists often hang in the air, and the water and wind are calmer, making this time a favorite for many surfers, bikers, paddlers, and other outdoor athletes.

The cool weather and gentle light on the trails in the morning make dawn a favorite time for a hike or bike ride


Getting up with the Sun in Las Catalinas

Waking up with the sun is a way to take advantage of ideal conditions for exploring nature or pursuing outdoor interests, and there are other ways in which following the natural rhythm of the day can come to life in Las Catalinas.

Around town, waking up with the sunrise provides some time before much of the world has gotten up, to practice, work on personal projects, or exercise


For those used to life in other parts of the world, or staying connected during time in town, the hours after sunrise are a little head start to the day, a few hours to practice, work on personal projects, or exercise. Second breakfast, a nourishing meal after the early morning’s activities, is a common occurrence in town, and can help keep the body energized.

As a whole, waking up early also aligns the events of the day more towards time spent in the sun and the outdoors, and has the added benefit of bringing the day’s end more in line with natural rhythms as well. After waking up at sunrise, a sunset dinner around 6 makes for a fitting end to the day, and research shows that closely and consistently following the sun leads to better sleep, to do it all again the next day.

The calm waters around Las Catalinas in the morning are ideal for an open water swim


Finding a Natural Rhythm

Town’s integration with forests and ocean provides the access to the rhythms of nature just outside your front door, including perhaps the most influential natural rhythm, the rise and set of the sun. When out exploring, the early hours are when animals are most active, and the conditions on the trails and the waves have a much gentler touch. Around town, getting up early brings more time in the outdoors, a way to build a little extra time into the day, and a routine that can be much better for the body.

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