The Best View in Las Catalinas

August 21, 2019

Our latest house under construction, 24 Calle la Ronda, features what may be the best views yet in Las Catalinas.   Not only is there a beautiful ocean view, but there is a wonderful foreground of architecture and Plaza Escondida as well.   24 Calle la Ronda has already been purchased, but neighboring houses with similar cool views are still available.   Up until now it has been hard for most people to imagine how the views work for houses that are not front and center on the beachfront.   24 Calle la Ronda is changing that!

As Las Catalinas matures the views of our urban places will become more famous and treasured than the views of the landscape - or what I should really say is that the two of them will work together to provide an impact that is uniquely stunning.

Below are a few shots from the under-construction 24 Calle la Ronda, along with one shot from the Sketchup computer model that we developed in the planning phase.   The model is pretty accurate, but the reality is way more impressive...