Best Homes in Las Catalinas to Train and Recover

January 10, 2020


Racers and athletes make use of the natural world around Las Catalinas, Costa Rica to train for different competitions taking place both in town and abroad.

With warm Pacific waters in the bay for an open water swim training, a 25-meter ocean side lap pool, and mountain biking and running trails run surrounding town, Las Catalinas makes for a complete hub for athletes that look for a place to train, disconnect, and relax.

Competitors of the Las Catalinas TRI, one of town’s oldest traditions, know this well. One benefit of staying in town is that it removes the complications of getting to town for training or for race day. When staying in walking distance to the starting line, there’s no need to pack up the car and drive into town, and no concerns of forgotten or misplaced gear or meals, which makes race and training prep simpler on the day of and adds time to sleep,  warm up, and recover.

Access to a gourmet grocer, restaurants, in-home dining adaptable to a wide variety of dietary preferences, as well as an outdoor outfitter, day spa, and training pools within walking distance, suit  the many needs for both training and recovery.

Many of the homes in town have unique attributes to contribute to varying athletic pursuits.

Casa Cazenovia | A Lap Pool in the Heart of Town

Casa Cazenovia's lap pool is a versatile space for a few warm up laps.


Casa Cazenovia's lap pool is a versatile space for a few warm up laps, a quick burst of training, or a recovery swim surrounded by family in the heart of town.

This house overlooks the pedestrian street of Paseo de Los Niños, where Playa Danta and town’s tropical dry forest trails are both just a short walk away. A one lane lap pool is the focal point of the outdoor terrace at the center of the home. Partially covered and partially uncovered, the pool is  a versatile space to wind down after a taper workout, get a few reps in to stay fresh, and spend time with family and friends while preparing for the race.

16 Calle Virginia | Routine, Rest, and Recovery

16 Calle Virginia's starlight sauna offers an in-home recovery option, and the chance to keep your rest and routine in line while on location


16 Calle Virginia's starlight sauna offers an in-home recovery option, and the chance to maintain a rest and recovery routine while away. It’s on the hillside within Beach Town, Las Catalinas with a number of peaceful outdoor spaces surrounded by ocean and forests, including a private outdoor terrace, pool patio, and a balcony in the master bedroom. At the center of the home, a custom starlight sauna on the master bedroom level offers a familiar recovery ritual during a stay in town.

Twin steam generators with temperature and volume control provide a fine tuned steam room experience, with custom heated fiberglass chairs, a full bathtub, rain shower, and adjustable LED lighting that provide an exceptional space to recover before and after training.

9CLR | Ride-in/Ride-Out Trail Access

9 Calle La Ronda's ride-in/ride-out access on two separate floors puts living room to trail time at less than two minutes.


Bike-up access on two separate floors and living room to trail head time of less than 2 minutes make Casa 9 Calle La Ronda the perfect ride-in/ride-out launching point for mountain biking on the more than 40 km of single track through 1,000 acres of coastal tropical dry forest reserve in Las Catalinas. There’s no need for setup time; visitors just open your door and ride, with a welcoming space to return to at the end of the day.

Inside, three floors offer separate private spaces to rest and relax as well as a central hub to prepare quality home cooked meals and come together between moments out and around.

Casa Mar y Sol | For the Whole Team and Family

Casa Mar y Sol's wide array of living spaces and common areas makes it ideal for multiple athletes and their families traveling to the TRI together.


A pool courtyard and cabana sit at the center of Casa Mar y Sol, where kids and adults can enjoy sun, shade, and water. A central location in town with easy access to beaches, trails, and activities, and a diversity of spaces ranging from expansive to intimate, this 7-bedroom home naturally facilitates spending quality time with the family.

During race or training stays, Casa Mar y Sol is ideal for multiple families traveling together. Separate living sections mean each family has their space, easy access to town and nature makes the trip a delight for non-athletes during the stay, and the home’s large and varied social areas provide a platform for evening celebrations.

Santarena Hotel | Wake Up on the Starting Line

Santarena overlooks Plaza Danta, and the starting line of el TRI just past on Playa Danta.


Santarena overlooks Plaza Danta, and the starting line of many of the races based in Las Catalinas.

This hotel pays  homage to the old mansions of the great coastal cities of Havana and Cartagena, a traditional gem perched just steps from the sands of Playa Danta which blends a casual elegance, a focus on people and their wellbeing, an adventurous spirit, and a love for nature.

It’s an atmosphere that fits with race days and training days alike. Restaurants, outdoor outfitter, and both beach and trailhead are right nearby, and on race day, athletes can simply step out from the front door ready to race.

Casa Maya | Team Dinners

Casa Maya's in-home dining for up to 18 is ideal for hosting pre-race dinners to keep the whole team in peak condition.


Casa Maya's in-home dining for up to 18 is ideal for hosting post training or pre-race dinners to keep the whole team in peak condition.

The large dining setup with room for 18 to dine at Casa Maya is well-suited to home cooked meals for the whole team. With groceries provided by Copper & Stone Gourmet Grocery that can accommodate a wide variety of nutritional preferences, and the option for in-home dining from town chefs, this home functions as a central base to gather in the evenings after a long training day  or just before a race.

Casa del Alba | A Tranquil Spot for a Lively Week

Casa del Alba's natural privacy and location are just steps away from Plaza Escondida and Wake Day Spa.


Casa del Alba's natural privacy and location just steps away from Plaza Escondida and Wake Day Spa make it a tranquil home base to stay rested and relaxed during training or racing.

Casa del Alba is surrounded by peaceful pedestrian streets and plazas and has a view from the pool over Plaza Escondida. A welcoming living area, two open air terraces, and the surrounding nature of town make Casa del Alba a peaceful home base surrounded by beauty, where it’s easy to smoothly transition from home into the activity of the town.

This home  provides a place to relax, settle in after a day of training or competition preparation, and relish time spent at home to recharge for the event. To recover even further, Wake Day Spa is just outside the front door, offering sports recovery massages and spa treatments to ensure that you’re in peak condition come competition day.


Cartagena Flats | Something for the Supporters

The Cartagena Flats' location just a few steps from the beach.


The Cartagena Flats' location just a few steps from the beach, the Las Catalinas Beach Club, and town's shops and restaurants makes them a jumping-off point for family activities around town.

The one and two-bedroom flats make use of views and outdoor spaces in a number of different ways, ranging from open-air grottoes to ocean-view plunge pools to back terrace patio grills and more.

While training or racing, each flats serves as a platform for the whole family to enjoy the weekend. Pools, ocean, trails, shops, and restaurants are all nearby through a town of extraordinary beauty, ensuring a memorable stay for both athlete and supporters.

Villa del Sol | A Fitting Finale

Villa del Sol's panoramic views, indoor-outdoor social space, and full cooking/grilling environment makes it a suitable location to host a post-race celebration


Villa del Sol looks out over the entire town of Las Catalinas, with panoramic views of trail, ocean water, and town. Indoor-outdoor social space, full cooking/grilling environment, a large infinity pool terrace, Jacuzzi, a covered barbecue terrace, living room, and dining room, and the home also has sleeping for 12 make it a suitable location to host a post-race or post-training wrap up.

Celebrate the time, training and teamwork into a training camp or race well done with a  home cooked meal or in-home dining from a personal chef while enjoying the home’s panoramic town and ocean views.

Stay in Town to Prepare Body and Soul

Both the Santarena Hotel and the homes and flats of the Las Catalinas Collection vacation rentals make versatile spaces  for athletes looking to train, relax and recover in an urban, walkable, and tropical beach setting.

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