Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

August 21, 2019

Stand Up Paddle Yoga with instructor Dori Matthews and Pura Vida Ride is a favorite activity of many people that visit Las Catalinas.  The fast growing sport combines SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) with the ancient tradition of yoga.   Yogis of all levels and ages return to shore after a class with Dori with a stronger core, a balanced peace of mind and a new experience to share with friends and family.

Last week a group of students and instructors finished a 7 day "SUP & Yoga" Teacher Training Certification at Las Catalinas.  The students spent 40 hours of training throughout this week learning about SUP & Yoga.  Thanks to Dori the Yoga Energy Studio, Your Zen Yoga and Pura Vida Ride for bringing the group out.

Las Catalinas is a particularly ideal location for the SUP Yoga.   Come and enjoy it in the beautiful water off of Playas Danta and Dantita.