Punta Guachipelines - Notre Dame has been busy!

August 21, 2019

The University of Notre Dame School of Architecture has been very busy with Las Catalinas work the past few weeks.   I spent the day there on Monday for a first review of the work.   They are working on a variety of areas around Las Catalinas, but one of their major focuses is on Punta Guachipelines.   Punta Guachipelines is perhaps the most stunning and dramatic piece of land in all of Las Catalinas, and a fantastic hilltown site.   Being out there is like being on a ship at sea.   Here a perspective of the main hilltown area - first cut.     It is very good, and will get even better.   This is probably the best Las Catalinas hilltown image we have.   It is quite high in definition - click to get the full image and zoom in to your heart's content.

And to our design and urbanist friends out there, please feel free to post your review and commentary here!   I'm having some technical problem in posting the plan (on which this perspective is based).   I'll try again tomorrow on that.