August 21, 2019

Las Catalinas’ picturesque plazas provide a welcome diversion for residents and visitors. This is an introduction to three of the plazas in town.

Plaza Escondida 

On Paseo de los Niños, Plaza Escondida offers respite for sun-weary pedestrians, thanks to its shady palm tree perimeter. Known for its combination of form and function, Plaza Escondida’s colorful Cuban tile, herringbone brick and cantera stone detailing offer an elegant place to rest. It’s central fountain cascades down into a shallow pool that provides children and four-legged friends ample room to play, splash and cool down when the temperatures heat up.


Plaza Andalucía 

Inspired by the stunning architecture of Andalusia, Spain, this beautiful plaza is also a gateway to the Plaza Lucia. Like the Plaza Escondida, Plaza Andalucía is outfitted with brick and cantera stone, while its star-shaped central fountain, positioned at the apex of an octagonal staircase, features a breathtaking design. Adorned in deep blue Cuban tile reminiscent of Seville’s famous Plaza de España, the fountain’s slightly deeper pool makes it an ideal place to relax and bathe your aching feet in refreshingly cool water after a long day of exploring.



Plaza Las Terrazas 

Like the end of a rainbow leading to a pot of gold, both Paseo Del Mar and Paseo de los Niños culminate in the leafy cobblestone oasis of Plaza Las Terrazas. The smooth granite surfaces of the dual-tiered plaza are shaded by a canopy of almendro trees bursting with wildlife. Connected to the Beach Club via a footbridge, Las Terrazas is the perfect place to contemplate nature, set up a cozy chair and dive into a good book, have a picnic, or host an evening cocktail party.