Mountain Biking Comes to Las Catalinas

August 21, 2019

What did you do this morning?   I rode on the new mountain bike trail at Las Catalinas.   I was so excited to do it that I started my ride in the dark at about 4:30 this morning, with a headlight.   It was fantastic!   Our first bike trail building efforts last year were not quite perfect, but our guys have clearly got it down now.   The new trail runs around the perimeter of the Dantita bowl, partway up the slope.   It maintains a more or less steady elevation withsome minor ups and downs.   It is built on some pretty steep side slopes, but our guys have done a great job of benching it into the hillside.   I rode it clean except for one tight corner where I put feet down just to be careful.   The trail is narrow enough to be interesting but not so narrow that it is scary for an experienced rider.   The ocean views are spectacular - I have never seen their equal from a mountain bike trail anywhere.   But of course I haven't been everywhere:)

We aren't stopping here.   This trail is the first of what will be a world-class mountain bike trail network.   I am so pumped!

Here is a GPS file of the ride.   The new trail portion of the ride is from about mile 9.7. to 12.3.   First I went over to the Zapotal Valley.   I arrived there just as it was getting light enough to ride without a light.   I have never heard so many monkeys in my life!   Howling like mad, they just seemed to be everywhere!   And by half an hour later they were much quieter - back to normal.   I wonder if that very first light moment is always their loudest time?

- Charles