Monteverde Trip Report

August 22, 2019

Here is a trip report from Las Catalinas partner Bob Davey.   I wish I had been there!

- Charles

A LAS CATALINAS DAY EXCURSION: In just a two and a half hour drive from Las Catalinas you can enjoy an easy family day trip or romantic getaway that must be experienced to believe. With my daughters, Jenna and Taylor, the three of us went on an incredible hike through the rain forest and along a stream to reach a spectacular waterfall that falls thousands of feet down the rainforest wall into a swimming friendly pool below. I must note that the trail from the parking location to the waterfall is easy enough to take children and right out of a storybook. It is so spectacular that it wouldn't do it justice to describe. Below the falls and in the middle of the river on a rock we had a picnic lunch of cheese, salami, sausage and fresh bread purchased at the cheese factory owned and operated by the Quakers from the Quaker colony in Monte Verde, , While at the cheese factory we had fresh milkshakes before departing on our lunch excursion. The cheese and meat is famous and excellent. Treat yourself and check out the photos and please excuse the photo quality they were taken with my Blackberry. Bob