Las Catalinas - One Sexy Place

August 22, 2019

Last night I went kayaking at sunset.   It was perfect, magical conditions with just a slight breeze, a beautiful perfectly organized swell from the south, and a great sunset.   Well, once I got a ways offshore I saw something large on the surface of the water.   I got closer and closer.   Driftwood?   Manta ray?   Nope.   It was two large sea turtles - mating!   I paddled right up next to them before they noticed me, and before I figured out what they were.   We were all horribly embarrassed!   But they had picked a very beautiful and romantic setting.   I hope the remainder of their evening passed without disturbance.   And from now on I go nowhere around here without a camera.

PS - This sunset is from a couple of nights before.   They have been amazing of late here.