Kids’ Ability to Explore

January 6, 2020

International Children’s Day is a day of international awareness about children and how society can grow to be a better place for them.

The rise of suburban sprawl in the latter half of the 20th century saw the rise of many societal trends, but one was a slight restriction of the ability for young and even older kids to wander and explore on their own. Streets dominated by the automobile reduced the safety of the outdoors, and towns built on the scale of a car found kids increasingly limited to the schedule of the parental chaperone/chauffer. Access to nature dwindled in many parts of the world.

For children, the ability to explore and experience freedom, especially out in nature, helps enhance creativity, personal maturity, and physical health. On a psychological level, there is something incredibly valuable to the act of adventure and exploration, and as a child these experiences can be formative and lasting memories.

This freedom is one of the key elements of the vision of Las Catalinas. As a car-free walkable town surrounded by nature, the area is purpose built to encourage exploration among the natural and manmade beauty of town, and provides kids a safe place where they can explore, grow up, and be kids.


The Value of Freedom for Kids

For kids in the 21st century, especially young kids, freedom can be hard to come by. Towns and cities have grown large enough that getting from one place to another can be nearly impossible without parents driving, and car-dominant neighborhoods confine play to sidewalks, backyards, local parks, or more often inside the home.

This changes in a walkable town, especially one integrated into nature like Las Catalinas. No cars on the road gives the power back to kids, turning the streets and plazas around home into a natural playground. This ability to explore extends through town and into nature, where young ones can explore the kid friendly beaches, trails, and town’s many welcoming and hidden spaces.

Kids can head down to the hammocks on the beachfront and play together without worrying the parents


Aside from the intrinsic benefits of more freedom, like more fun vacation or afternoons with friends, and memories like chasing iguanas on the beach, spotting birds on the trails, looking puffer fish while snorkeling in the waves, there are longer term benefits to kids experiencing freedom.

There are many creatures for kids to encounter during a trip to Las Catalinas, like this large black iguana


Kids who spend more time playing outside tend to be more creative as they grow up. Children who grow up with more freedom from their parents usually grow up to be more resilient and mature. Habits formed of playing outside and being active stay with kids for their entire lives, making them healthier as adults.

Happier, healthier, more mature, more creative, and more resilient. All good things for kids of all ages, especially while they’re out having fun.

During a vacation with kids, freedom for the young ones can be rewarding for the whole family


Freedom for Kids on Family Vacation

On a vacation with kids to Las Catalinas, no one’s ever too far away to join up for an activity or come together over a meal, but the wide range of family friendly experiences means everyone can pursue their favorites. Young ones can experience the freedom to explore within the safety of a welcoming town, which in turn frees up parents to be on vacation too, and truly enjoy time spent with the family.

It’s an experience that’s good for every generation, and one that has long lasting positive effects on the young ones.


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