Help Name a New Plaza and a New Street

August 22, 2019

We are building an extension of Beach Town to the north.  The infrastructure work for this new part of town is going on right now.  We need your help naming a new street and a new plaza!

The area in question is just north of Pura Vida Ride.  In the center of this area will be a major market plaza we are calling, logically enough, Plaza del Mercado.  On the ocean side of the plaza will be single story commercial buildings for additional restaurants and shops.  On the inland side of the plaza will be a new neighborhood consisting of shops facing the plaza, flats above the shops, houses, a smaller plaza named Plaza Papaya (for a prominent dog in our town, as well as the fruit) and finally more flats and townhouses along Camino Las Catalinas.

So we have two more things to name:

  • The new plaza that is right along the beach, including an amphitheater, and is surrounded by shops and restaurants
  • The new street that connects up the houses and flats between Plaza del Mercado and Camino Las Catalinas

Please cast your votes below, and feel free to suggest names other than the three choices listed.  Thanks!

- Charles Brewer

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