Happy Anniversary, Pura Vida Ride!

August 21, 2019

We have just passed the sixth anniversary of the opening of Pura Vida Ride, our wonderful outfitter/bike shop/boutique/coffee shop/general store.  Happy Anniversary, Pura Vida Ride!  You have been a huge contributor to our town since the very beginning.  Your opening date in 2011 also pretty well marks the beginning of Las Catalinas being up and running as a functioning, and at that time very small, town.

What a great group of people you have had on your staff over the years, including right now!  I've always been impressed with your ability to attract such great people.

The store always looks great.  Your rental equipment is excellent and well maintained.  You always have just the right selection of merchandise.  You do a great job of taking care of my bike.  I love your coffee.  And, as you know, hanging out in your rocking chairs in the morning and talking with the people who come by is one of my very favorite things to do.

Muchas gracias Jake, Martyn, Amy, Debi, Jason, Timmy, Benjamin, Esteban, Suus, Patrick, Jessi, and all the others present and past who have helped make Pura Vida Ride such an important part of Las Catalinas.

A major expansion of Pura Vida Ride is currently underway, and very nearly finished.  It keeps getting better...

- Charles Brewer