Featuring the Lantana Residences

August 11, 2023

The Residential Neighborhood at El Prado, Las Catalinas  

 The name “Lantana” comes from a prevalent perennial flower in Costa Rica belonging to the verbena family. Indigenous to the tropical realms of the Americas, the Lantana flower showcases aromatic clusters in a spectrum of hues from red, orange, yellow, blue, and white florets, akin to the vibrant and lively facades adorning El Prado, Las Catalinas BeachTown. This flower is a fitting representation for its newest residential neighborhood in El Prado, Lantana Residences,  a collection of striking ocean-view homes and flats located just east of Beach Town. These residences enjoy the same effortless access to unspoiled beaches, top-tier mountain biking and hiking trails, and a charming car-free community with all the expected creature comforts of Las Catalinas. However, they go beyond, boasting elevated panoramic views, customizable luxury, sustainably sourced materials, and pioneering architectural elements that set them apart as unique. 

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The Stair Street and Community Building 

One of the most captivating design features of Lantana Residences resides in its thoughtfully considered stair street. Highly visible from nearly all areas of town while offering a panoramic ocean and town view, Lantana’s stair street elevates the pedestrian experience fostering interaction and engagement among both residents and visitors - vastly different from the experience of gated communities and suburban sprawl around the world. 

The stair streets of Lantana were crafted with the intention of offering visitors and residents a route to explore the quarter, connecting the shops, plazas, parks, and streets of the lower levels of El Prado to the elevated viewpoints, residences, and trailheads of the upper neighborhoods of El Prado. 

Drawing inspiration from iconic stair streets found in precedent cities such as Paris, San Francisco, and Hong Kong, as well as architectural marvels from Incan and ancient Roman eras, this innovation marks a departure from the norm, something the world hasn't seen since the early twentieth century.  

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New Urbanism in Costa Rica 

Project architect, Ricardo Arosemena of Arosemena & Way Arquitectos, describes new urbanism as a conscientious and high-minded perspective towards the act of creating and inhabiting a human habitat with artistic and technical talent in order to produce a place that is beautiful, functional and will last for generations.” Extending well beyond surface aesthetics, the principals of New Urbanism aspire to construct highly efficient urban hubs with a range of vital objectives.  

New urbanists like Arosemena hold the objectives of minimizing carbon emissions, and ecological impact, establishing accessible public spaces and parks fostering livability and connection in communities, as a top priority. Destinations such as Lantana and Las Catalinas hold a beauty and alluring functionality that is destined to endure across generations. 


A Car-Free Community 

Lantana continues to embrace the ethos of a car-free town, placing pedestrian accessibility at the core of its architectural blueprint. The harmonious integration of private and communal areas converges with designs that celebrate outdoor living and connect inhabitants directly with nature, often helping humans create a deeper sense of purpose. 


Things to Do in Lantana Residences 

Lantana Residences are easily accessed from Beach Town thereby offering the services and amenities, as well as utilities of a town, all while being surrounded by a true Costa Rican tropical dry forest ecosystem in Guanacaste. Lantana Residences will be an exceptional haven for those who relish outdoor pursuits, surrounded by 1000 acres of preserved tropical dry forest and two pristine beaches. 

Dining and shopping options abound just steps away from your door at Lantana, ensuring a variety of choices to cater to your preferences. Meticulous design directly translates to heightened safety, while the absence of cars within the community fosters an environment where children can freely participate in outdoor activities. Both young and old nurture connections with their neighbors and nurture communal bonds by walking instead of driving. The benefits of such thoughtful design are extensive. 


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Customizable Interiors and Incredible Vistas 

As the homes and flats of Lantana are built higher up the hillside of El Prado just above the urban center of Las Catalinas, the homes, flats, and public spaces of Lantana boast panoramic views that stand as a testament to luxury. Lantana Residences adapt to the topography by hugging the natural landscape, which affords spacious outdoor terraces and balconies with sweeping ocean views. Natural ventilation is key in taking advantage of these outdoor spaces.  

The Las Catalinas design philosophy is fine-tuned throughout the Lantanas Residences. Lantana distinguishes itself through its attention to detail. Each home will have a preconstruction manager and project manager to oversee site inspections, offer seamless construction updates, optimize time efficiency, and expert counsel on materials and styles, tailored to individual usage. For example, families with children will be guided to beautiful high-end finishes with durability to protect against damage. Lantana Residences are built to last. Finishes are artisanal and crafted from sustainably sourced materials that are appropriate for Costa Rica’s climate. 


An Oasis of Beautiful Human Design and Nature in Guanacaste 

Lantana Residences represents a pioneering endeavor to combine the elegance of bygone eras with the contemporary concept of new urbanism. This visionary stair street development will seamlessly link residents and visitors to panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, urban communities, public spaces, and beyond.  

With occupancy expected as early as the first quarter of 2025, Lantana Residences has already sold 45% of the total units available. We expect to continue to welcome community members who value an active lifestyle, a strong resonance within their community, nature, and the values of new urbanism. Lantana's panoramic ocean views and customizable interiors redefine luxury, but also connect us to nature and a sense of purpose. Its car-free design enhances outdoor living and neighborly bonds, creating a deeper sense of community for all who reside in or visit.

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