Beach Town Civic Hall Design Competition | Winning Proposals

April 5, 2022

Las Catalinas is proud to announce the winners and honorable mentions of the Beach Town Civic Hall Design Competition. 


The projects submitted this year were thought-provoking and full of interesting ideas! Our jury reviewed each one with careful consideration and discussion. 


Winning projects had excellent civic character, enduring architecture, and optimization of natural ventilation. 

Professional Category:


Winning Proposal

Arosemena & Way

PW Arosemena & Way.pdf

PW Arosemena & Way_Page_2


Honorable Mentions: 

Castillo Arquitectos

PHM Castillo Arquitectos.pdf

PHM Castillo Arquitectos_Page_1

Gary Justiss Architect

PHM Gary Justiss Architect.pdf

PHM Gary Justiss Architect_Page_1



Student Category: 


Winning Proposal

Juan Pablo Marquez, University of Notre Dame

SW Juan Pablo Marquez.pdf

SW Juan Pablo Marquez_Page_1


Honorable Mention: 

Manuela Gutierrez Naranjo, Universidad Veritas

SHM Manuela Gutierrez Naranjo.pdf

SHM Manuela Gutierrez Naranjo_Page_1



Kids Category: 


Winning Proposal

Marcela Moreno Garrido

KW Marcela Moreno.pdf

KW Marcela Moreno

Honorable Mentions:

Justin Bayard Arias

KHM Justin Bayard Arias.pdf

KHM Justin Bayard Arias

Josue Alejandro Panagua Alvarez

KHM Josue Alejandro Panagua Alvarez.pdf

KHM Josue Alejandro Panagua Alvarez

A special thank you to our jury:


Charles Brewer | Town Founder, Las Catalinas

Douglas Duany | Associate Professor of the Practice, University of Notre Dame

Will Hoeg | Commercial Real Estate Developer 

Nila Leiserowitz | Former Managing Principal, Gensler

Stuart Meddin | President, The Meddin Company

Diana Cascante | Construction Director, Las Catalinas

Sara Bega | Senior Town Architect, Las Catalinas