Construction - Lot's of It.

August 21, 2019

View accross Beach Town South towards Punta Guachipelines.

We have an unprecedentedly large amount of construction going on at Las Catalinas these days.  The projects underway at the moment include:

  • Infrastructure for Beach Town South including Calle Cartegena and Calle Virginia, Plaze Celaje, Plaza Arbol, Plaza San Miguel, and Plaza Sol is well underway.  This is real hill-town territory, with lots of topography, retaining walls, and a compact urban form with pedestrian streets and wonderful plazas.  The forms of the streets and plazas along with the required retaining walls are taking shape, and it is very exciting.
  • The Beach Club, designed by Ricardo Arosemena - this building is framed and nearly roofed.  The pools are formed.  Work is proceeding very rapidly, aiming for an opening before high season begins later this year.
  • Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas - the hotel on top of Punta Penca is underway with earthworks.
  • 1 Plaza Central, designed by Robert Orr & Associates - featuring two floors of flats above a level of commercial space, this building is the first steel framed building at Las Catalinas.  The frame is going up very rapidly and dramatically.
  • Houses on Calle la Ronda - all of the recent batch of six houses are either finished or nearly so (and sold), and we are getting started on the houses on the other side of the street.  Architects include Neil Hoyt, Michael Imber, Tunnel Spangler Walsh, Robert Orr, and Lauren Richa.
  • Houses on Paseo Punta Penca - three houses are under construction and several more are about to start.

Life in town goes on peacefully and remarkably undisturbed.  Here are some construcion pictures from our family trip last week.  Some by me, some by daughter Lucy.

- Charles