Beth Webb on Creating Casa Brewer

August 21, 2019

Despite the nearly 1,500 miles between Atlanta, Georgia and Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Beth Webb’s luxurious designs flawlessly translate into this tropical paradise’s language of the good life. Beth has played a pivotal role in the design of several homes in Las Catalinas and is the primary visionary behind one of the most spectacular spaces on the block: Casa Brewer – the house created for Charles and Ginny Brewer, two of the original masterminds behind the sustainable beachfront community.

Charles Brewer and a group of investors purchased approximately 1,200 acres of land with the intention of building a new urbanist town, and Charles and Ginny of course wanted a beach house of their own. They imagined their Central American hideaway to be dressed in modern luxuries while still maintaining an aesthetic firmly rooted in natural materials and regional influences. As luck would have it, Beth Webb, an Atlanta-based interior designer, is fluent in timeless design and is always travel-ready.

Beth arrived to Costa Rica when the project was just beginning. She explained that the first time she set foot on the construction site “there was literally nothing there but beach and foundations.” As a result, she has been able to participate in taking Las Catalinas from its early conception to what she describes as a “cool, vibrant community” on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Las Catalinas is a Mediterranean-inspired pedestrian village composed of luxury resort homes, each with its own personality yet all representative of the good life, Las Catalinas-style. Creating within these parameters was a new undertaking for Beth, who is more accustomed to designing for the needs of a single family in a single space. This project required her to incorporate the identity of Las Catalinas while also maintaining the individuality of each home.


Creating the Vibe in Casa Brewer

As with every installation in the town of Las Catalinas, Casa Brewer would become an outpost marked by casual elegance. In addition to its first-class comforts, the home is grounded in open-air spaces, pops of color, and a fresh vibe as restorative as the sea breeze that wafts through every corridor. In line with the Brewers’ vision for their getaway home, Beth ensured that the design accommodated groups of all sizes.

Given the spacious floor plan of Casa Brewer, welcoming a crowd would never be a challenge, but finding the right aesthetic to fit any and every occasion was more challenging to achieve. In the end, Beth’s dynamic design created a warm, friendly ambiance, underpinned by livable trappings and versatile spaces. With her help, the once bare bones of the house became a gathering space for friends and family, as well as a relaxing retreat.


Optimized for Outdoor Living

With an average annual temperature of 76 degrees Fahrenheit, Costa Rica practically pleads for windows and doors to be left wide open. During the dry season (November to April) residents at Casa Brewer enjoy low humidity and exceptional cross-ventilation throughout the entire home. Casa Brewer not only brings the outdoors in, it also invites daily living to be brought outside. Outdoor living areas are found throughout the property, which nearly doubles the space of the home.

Porches offer spectacular views of the sunset, an outdoor living room overlooks the Pacific Ocean on one side and their private courtyard and garden on the other. However, no space is more indicative of Beth’s open-air initiative than Casa Brewer’s outdoor dining room that abuts the majestic swimming pool and makes for what Beth describes as “pure theater, pure magic.” “It’s very lush, very tropical,” says Beth, “You’ll be sitting out there and the parakeets are flying by and in the wee hours of the morning you hear the howler monkeys. It’s a lovely, beautiful, tranquil place to be.