Announcing Pura Vida Ride at Las Catalinas

August 22, 2019

I'm extremely excited to announce that Pura Vida Ride will be opening at Las Catalinas this spring.   Pura Vida Ride will specialize in the rental and sale of stand-up-paddle boards, mountain bikes, kayaks, and other ocean and mountain sports equipment.   It will be located on Playa Danta in the heart of Las Catalinas.   They will also feature lessons and expeditions, a full bike repair shop, and a full service general store offering the best in coffee, pastries, ice creams, drinks and snacks.

Since the beginning our vision for Las Catalinas has prominently featured a great outfitter to help our residents and visitors enjoy the natural and sporting wonders of Las Catalinas.   Pura Vida Ride fits the bill perfectly.   The combination of Pura Vida Ride and our restaurant will make Las Catalinas and Playa Danta unique in our area as a place where people can enjoy a great day at the beach with a variety of first class sporting activities and top quality food, drink, and service.

The owners of Pura Vida Ride are Martyn Hoffmann and Jake Jacobs.   Both of them are accomplished businessmen AND passionate outdoor sports enthusiasts.   Jake spent 25 years with Spyder Active Sports, most recently as CEO.   He is an avid outdoor athlete, a former ski and bike racer.   He is living in Costa Rica with his wife Amy and their twin five year old girls.   Martyn lives in Flamingo with his wife Debi, and their two children.   His professional background is in luxury hotel, residential, and golf course development.   His passion is surfing and anything else ocean related.

Having Jake, Martyn, and Pura Vida Ride joining our new town is especially gratifying for me personally.   I plan to be one of their very best customers!

- Charles