An Introduction to the Cartagena Flats

December 17, 2019

The Cartagena Flats have finished construction and are now in the last stages of adding furnishings, detail work, other final touches to these one and two bedroom beach flats.

The Cartagena Flats drew from some of the successes of previous flats buildings in their designs, particularly the Avenida la Antigua flats. The front courtyards of Avenida la Antigua’s ground floor apartment are a prominent borrowed feature, which adds light to the ground floor flat on both sides.

In the Cartagena Flats, the main difference is that these ground floor courtyards are much more ample, which changes their use and offers a spacious front terrace that homeowners have used as a garden, a front yard, or a ground-floor grotto. The Calle Cartagena balconies continuing to add to the character of the street.

There is private entry to all eight flats, which makes each feel separate despite their physical proximity. Homeowners of each flat chose a different color for their front door, to add a splash of color to the building and further identity to each flat.

The back side of each flat looks out over the Monkey Corridor, a green space with a seasonal stream that connects from Camino Las Catalinas down to the ocean. The flats utilize the presence of this green space in a different way. Some have back courtyards, plunge pools looking out towards the ocean, grilling terraces, outdoor living rooms, even ocean view bedrooms.


The Cartagena Flats

There are 8 flats in the Cartagena Flats, split among three main sections.


The terrace at 8A Cartagena Flats


Flats 8A, 8B, and 8C are three two-bedroom flats located closest to Camino Las Catalinas and the trails.

  • Flat 8A is a cool ground floor flat that has a shaded outdoor terrace, plunge pool, and rich interiors with colorful art and plants, creating a vibrant space in the heart of town.
  • Flat 8B has balconies looking out over town and the Monkey Corridor and lots of social space.
  • Flat 8C has terraces on two sides of the home, which offer views over the rooftops towards the ocean and across town’s many balconies. Custom tile throughout the home adds a fun touch of color and life to the interiors, and there is also a grilling terrace.


The outdoor terrace at 12A Cartagena Flats


Flats 12A and 12C are a two-bedroom and one-bedroom flats that occupy the center of the flats building.

  • Flat 12A is the only two story flat in Cartagena flats. The top floor opens up to a covered pool terrace, while downstairs there are two open air terraces on either side of the home.
  • Flat 12C is the central top floor suite, and has a sunset-facing living room with views over town and the ocean, and a bedroom terrace looking over Calle Cartagena.


The master bedroom and ocean view of 14B Cartagena Flats


Flats 14A, 14B, and 14C are three one-bedroom flats on the ocean side of the flats building.

  • Flat 14A has a cozy ground floor grotto filled with greenery on the front, and past the master bedroom, there is a garden patio with a plunge pool.
  • Flat 14B has large windows throughout the home that bring plentiful natural light into living spaces, and the flat also has an expansive sunset facing view in the bedroom.
  • Flat 14C also has large windows throughout to take advantage of views, and a garden terrace that looks over the ocean towards the sunset on the Catalinas islands.


The back porch of 8BCC looking towards Plaza Lucia


Available Soon to Rent

As Cartagena Flats add finishes and final touches are completed, some of these flats will become available to rent from the Las Catalinas Collection for a stay in town.

In the meantime, the Avenida la Antigua flats and Plaza Carlota flats offer a number of two bedroom options with ocean views and outdoor terraces for your next visit.

Stay in the Cartagena Flats