A Poll - New Place Names

August 21, 2019

It is time for us to name a bunch of new places at Las Catalinas.  I'd like to take a poll of our community here on the blog regarding some possible names, as that has worked well before.  So you'll see 12 places below that need naming.  I'm including  maps  that will show you where these places are located, by number.

When possible we like names that actually describe something about the place, because that makes the name much easier for everyone to remember.  Other times we have used names of places that inspire us, which I think is particularly appropriate for Las Catalinas because we are so consciously taking lessons from a variety of precedent places.  Other times we use  names  that have personal significance to the town founders and early residents.   This is a time-honored tradition and there are a few places that are not included in this poll that will receive names of that type.  Finally, place names with some local significance are good candidates.

So, please click on the buttons for your favorite choices below, or if you have suggestions that you think are even better please write them in.  Thanks!


Punta Penca Naming Map (640x414)


Master Plan Naming Map Oct 2013