November 6, 2019

4 Calle Cartagena Breaks Ground, Bringing Influences of Traditional Costa Rican Homes

Colin Sharpe



Ground broke recently on 4 Calle Cartagena, a two story, four bedroom, and four and a half bathroom beach home that will stand just across Puente San Miguel from Plaza Lucia. Designed by Town Architect Sara Bega, the home fulfills its position as the backdrop for a pedestrian crossing the bridge from Plaza Lucia to Calle Cartagena with a long front porch that engages with the street. This type of porch draws from the tradition of old Guanacaste homes, whose front porches were designed to form the social fabric of the neighborhood.




The front porch has two doors - the main entry and a second from the kitchen so that it integrates well with all the social spaces and becomes an extension of the interior living areas.

There are 2 bedrooms on this level. The first is just past the living room, and has a shared full bathroom with the home’s living areas. Next to this bedroom, there’s a dual function library and gallery, which connects to the master bedroom by a breezeway. This creates an easy connection to the main house, but also gives the suite a level of privacy.


A closer look at the library/gallery





As you go downstairs, you land in a media room which guides you to the covered terrace and pool outside, with pool lounge beyond. There are two bedrooms on this floor as well, with additional entry to this area on the outside via a pedestrian staircase.

Notable Features of the Home

The front porch sociability of 4 Calle Cartagena is one of the home’s defining characteristics, providing an integration between the home’s social areas and the social atmosphere of the street.

There are candidates for master bedrooms on both levels, which provides some versatility for multiple groups to each stay together. Gracious rooms with ensuites provide their own privacy, while common areas offer a natural place to convene.


The pool and dining terrace


The lower level also has a hammock terrace, pool, and beautiful outdoor covered dining room with cross-barrel vaulted ceiling, bar, BBQ, and more. This area takes some influence from the Grotto and pool at Casa Brewer, to create a space for easy sociability and dining that’s both elegant and playful.

4 Calle Cartagena is a home that calls to mind the tradition of old Guanacaste homes, integrates the learnings of hillside urbanism, and has a few elements inspired by some favorite spots in Las Catalinas.

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4 Calle Cartagena Concept Sketch, viewed from Camino Las Catalinas looking towards the ocean


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