3 Calle Cartagena Arrives in Las Catalinas

January 6, 2020


3 Calle Cartagena has recently joined the Baranda homes as a part of the Las Catalinas Collection, and offers an efficiently designed space overlooking Puente San Miguel with a sunset-facing oceanview over the Cartagena Flats. 3 Calle Cartagena is a great example of how to make a home feel large and airy on a compact footprint.


The view from the master balcony of 3 Calle Cartagena


3 bedrooms, which feature a king bed, queen bed, and two combining singles respectively, offer space for up to six in this ideally located beach home, which is just a few steps away from the Beach Club as well as Copper & Stone Gourmet Grocery and the shops of Calle La Ronda.

The architectural vision for the home was to create a fun townhome addition to the street, with a balcony overlooking Cartagena that provided easygoing sociability. The owner, construction management team, and the interior designer, Laurel, then collaborated to add personal changes to the house. The result was that the interiors were made more lively as well, creating a bright internal design to pair with the social street.


There’s an open-air pool grotto at the back of the home that’s full of light and fresh air, and a tropical modern decor with custom patterned tiles and wood accents throughout the two indoor living areas. This inviting interior complements the sociability of the street, offering a space that can be both private and social. 3 Calle Cartagena house that feels good full, but also breathes well with just a couple of people.


A Deeper Look at 3 Calle Cartagena


The natural and manmade beauty of Las Catalinas is present throughout the home thanks to the views of town, the open air pool, and the tropical modern decor. The open air terrace on the second floor looks out onto the balconies of Calle Cartagena and the Pacific Ocean sunsets beyond, offering a blend of urban and coastal backdrops.


The hammock terrace in the second floor light well is a colorful addition that makes the most of the space. This shaft light well has an architectural purpose to add a third side of natural light and ventilation to the interiors of the second floor. Here and throughout the home, there is a custom made octagonal tile that adds a subtle texture to the space.


Custom finishes add subtle touches of handcrafted beauty elsewhere as well. In the master bathroom, the concrete tap was hand-designed and poured on site for the owners.

3 Calle Cartagena's pool grotto


The pool grotto is open to the air, providing a fresh breeze and constant views of sky during time spent outside. The colors of the wood finishes, foliage, water, and sky complement the primarily white tones, which are chosen to be warm and welcoming.


The home’s living areas follow a similarly fresh and clean design of white cabinets and flooring tiles with warming wood tones and relaxing soft blue accents, creating a naturally airy and bright interior that mirrors the colors of the beach.


The bedrooms have a similar scheme, each with a different blend of sand, water, and wood tones that complement the many different shades of the coastal town that surrounds the home.


3 Calle Cartagena is a home where during every moment of your stay, from beach to town and back home, you’re surrounded by beauty.


Make 3 Calle Cartagena Your Beach Home

As a part of the Baranda collection, 3 Calle Cartagena includes the service of a House Mom, who will help prepare breakfast, keep the home tidy, and prepare snacks in the afternoon. With her help, this relaxing beach house has an extra touch of hospitality that makes it truly feel like home.

In all, three bedrooms, an open-air pool grotto, two indoor living areas, and a location just steps from the water and the trails make 3 Calle Cartagena an ideal beach home base for up to six for a stay in Las Catalinas.

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