The Green Season in Costa Rica

January 5, 2020

The first day of September, is a milestone in a few different regards. For Guanacaste’s climate and conditions, this time marks the entry into the heart of Costa Rican green season, and brings a few noticeable changes. Rains of the season get a bit heavier, with more frequent afternoon aguaceros that punctuate sunny days with mild temperatures.

The water also tends to be a little bit calmer thanks to mild winds, with occasional autumn storms far out in the Pacific bringing the occasional firing swell for surfing. Plants and foliage on trails and throughout town grow ever more lush, thriving with abundant water. Animals tend to be slightly more active as well, taking advantage of the extra plant cover and food supply.

It’s a set of changes to town that characterizes the better part of September and October. There’s a new texture to excursions out onto the trails or the water and new life that comes to spaces around town, which tend to last until late green season and the return of dry season in mid November.


This Week and A Look Ahead at September, and the Green Season in Costa Rica

Around the region, the beginning of September tends to bring a sense of anticipation and excitement. Many of the schools in Guanacaste start a new year around this time, and students are eager to get back to friends, after-school activities and sports, and learning. There are even a few first-time students in town, who are thrilled to set out with the big kids on the bus for the first time.

Around Las Catalinas, the arrival of September brings some anticipation for parents as well. The arrival of visitors traveling to Costa Rica slows down a bit compared to high season, leaving lots of freedom for activities and room to work on new projects and goals. Whether renovating a storefront, developing a new menu, learning new skills, or refining old ones, this time of the year is a rich period for growth.


Event Spotlight for This Week: Santarena’s Sunset Gin & Tonics

Since its debut, Sunset Gin & Tonics at Santarena have been a constant presence in town, and the arrival of late green season in Costa Rica offers a slight change to the ambience. The complexity of the clouds after rain bring a deep shifting view, highlighted by the colors of sunset.



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