Snorkeling, and The Blowhole

August 21, 2019

One of the fun things to do at Las Catalinas is snorkeling.   We had always thought that the best snorkeling was off the far end of Dantita beach.   It is very good there, and it is a spot that is frequently visited by snorkeling boat trips out of Flamingo and Sugar Beach.   But on my last trip down we noticed while  paddleboarding that conditions looked really good out on the tip of Punta Penca as well.   And they are!   Great underwater topography, coral, and lots of fish.

And, there is one more attraction.   There is a feature out here we call The Blowhole.   This is a long, narrow cleft in the rocks leading to a spot where, when the swell is up and the tide is right it will shoot water up in the air.   Well, it turns out that snorkeling up into The Blowhole is really fun.   One you are at the end, the water doesn't move you forward and back anymore.   Just up and down!   I'd imagine there are tide and swell conditions when one wouldn't want to go in there - but on this day it was fine.   I'm off to check it out again tomorrow!



(Credit to Glen Rollins for the photos, the video, and the guts to swim into The Blowhole first.)